Network: US Establishment trying to switch sides after generations of dictatorships, torture, repression, CIA control            Israel fears regional regime changes even more than Saudis            ABBAS Should Go Way of Mubarak and Ben Ali            Russians like Chinese fear 'instability' and spread to themselves            Israel's Legitimacy both dwindling and soaring            Top Sunni cleric says army should kill Kadhafi            U.N. Criticized for Slow Response to Libya Killing Attacks on Protestors            Media gag on alleged plot to kill Gaddafi in 1986            Gadhafi's Regime Crumbling - Hundreds+ Shot Dead, Thousands badly injured            Libyan Muslim leaders order followers to rebel against Qaddafi            Libyan 'massacres' as Qaddafi Tries Brute Force to Maintain Power            Troops 'liberate' Libya's 2nd city            Gaddafi's son warns of civil war. Brutal Massacres taking place            Mubarak slammed US and predicted radical Islam democracy ahead!            Hosni called Israelis at last minute screaming US democracy would bring radical Islam to power. Israel & Saudis agreed. www.MiddleEast.Org           
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Defiant Crazy Gaddafi vows to fight, kill, become martry!

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