Network: The slap which sparked a revolution 'didn't happen'            USA Hypocrisy! US allies Saudis, Bahrain, Israel, Yemen - more support and arms! US enemies, Libya and Syria, US targets.            And so they killed him... Experiencing, not Walking, the Barrier            Israel: UN recognition of a Palestinian state will turn us into 'colonialists'            Israel's wall cements psychological divide between Arab, Jew            The Arab Spring Going Where and How Fast - James Dorsey            Big urgent frantic push for FALSE 'Palestininan State' from Israelis, Jewish Lobby, Dem Party Jews close to Obama -- www.MiddleEast.Org            The Strange Case of Judge Goldstone            Israel's Peres 'urges govt to lay out peace plan'            Egypt: Correcting History after Mubarak's Fall            TARGET IRAN. Kissinger preparing way anticipating Netanyahu's upcoming speech to Joint Session of Congress. MiddleEast.Org &...            HELEN THOMAS booted from anti-AIPAC gathering -- victim of activist 'triangulation' most unbecoming and disheartening.            At least 49 killed in Syrian protests            Iran Deplores US Support for Israel and Vetos at UN            FREE BRADLEY MANNING and WIKILEAKS INTERNET           
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