Network: Anti-US anti-drone demonstration in Pakistan            Egypt: Attacking the Hatred INTERIOR MINISTRY            US Attacks Expanding in Mid East and Africa            Amr Moussa should NOT be made Egypt's Presidentm            Egyptian Revolution Continues 1,000 injured as Army attacks            Israel to join U.S. Mideast missile shield            Egypt: Bearded Mickey Mouse and Hijab Minnie Toon Tweet Incites Islam Rage 'Cut Out His Tongue'            US/EU/Turkey Prepare to Strike Syria and Control Region            Iran in missile training, says ready for enemy attack            In Gaza, a Building Boom Amid the Ruins            DANGER! Israelis and US Determined to COOPT U.N. again!            Why they hate us: How many Muslims has the U.S. killed            DSK, ISRAEL, and the world financial system            Syrians protest violence with a vow to marry rape victims            CIA & Mossad behind SYRIAN upheavals. Intervention being prepared           
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US/EU/Turkey Prepare to Strike Syria and Control Region

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