Network: COLLABORATOR FAYYAD's DREAM WORLD - lies and tricks to keep himself in money and power            Video: Israeli police scuffle with Palestinians in Jerusalem            US troops may stay in Afghanistan until 2024 !            China cracks down in Xinjiang following ethnic violence |            US says forces to stay in Iraq - IRAQ says NO            Turkey Bombing Kurds in IRAQ            Syria's stable currency amid crisis fuels speculation            Back Door Channels: The Price of Peace - Film Reviews - Abu Dhabi Film Festival - Review by Jay Weissberg            Egyptian Military Imprisoning Leaders of Tahrir Revolution            PA to Build Arab Homes in Western Wall Plaza            Pentaon's Dov Zakheim's $3 Trillion Dollar Heist            Defense officials consider gestures to woo PA            Israel arrests Al-Jazeera reporter            US Wrongly Expanding Definition of terrorists            Analysis: Iran sees ally Syria surrounded by U.S., Arab wolves           
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