Network: And what about the Two ABDULLAHS and the Emirs?            US Flooding Afghanistan with Military Gear            Gaddafi's Pentagon: Tripoli compound is centre of Gaddafi power            Egypt must get tough with Israel            US debt grows $3 million a minute!            NATO + US made Libyan rev possible; now they are trying to control it from behind-the-scenes. For NATO + US, on to Syria.            Libya's leader Gadhafi defiant to end            Kashmir: The forgotten conflict            ABBAS is illegitimate + captive. Once again he cancels 'elections' & continues to meet secretly w/Israelis & US handlers. MiddleEast.Org            Abbas is illegitimate as well as quisling puppet            NEW BOOK Fingers IRAN & SAUDI implicated in 9/11            Mousa with Gaddafi, Mubarak, Saleh, Ben-Ali last year            Gadhafi's Son Captured in Tripoli            Jordanians urge Israel envoy expulsion            Israel faces growing hostility           
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