Network: Abbas and PA Capitulates Again            Palestinians Turn to U.N., Where Partition Had Its Roots            Hamas keeps aloof from PLO statehood bid            Palestine statehood team a 'cause of concern'            ABBAS - Repeated Failure & Ongoing Collaboration            Desperate Israelis Urgently WANT PA 'Palestinian State'            'China will not stop Israel if it decides to attack Iran'            Hamas opposes 'tactical' Palestinian statehood bid at UN            Palestinians Crumble - Bluffing Bumblers            FLASH - Collaborating ABBAS Knuckles Under!            Statehood versus 'facts on the ground'            FLASH - Collaborating ABBAS Knuckles Under!            OBAMA - RHETORICAL HYPOCRISY & DUPLICITY at UN            UN/US PALESTINE HISTORY            Why the Middle East will never be the same again           
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FLASH - Collaborating ABBAS Knuckles Under!

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