Network: BENGHAZI - CIA 'Special Mission Compound'            CHRISTIANITY going EXTINCT in the Middle East            Why the WAR on IRAN by ISRAEL and U.S.?            IRAN - Will Israel and U.S. Attack?            SYRIA's PAST, SYRIA's FUTURE            OBAMA CAVES            US GIVING ISRAEL SUPER BOMBS - $1/2 Billion+            Is US Trying to Topple Brotherhood Morsi and and bring back Shafik?            Israelis Promoting al-Qaeda!            EXISTENTIAL CRIMINALITY by Nation States at Doha            Libya - Syria - Iran + Lebanon and Palestine            RT @MJayRosenberg: The Jewish establishment is rightwing and acts like fascists. It's like the mob.            RT @BoutainaAB: Khaled Meshaal: We fight Zionists, NOT Jews. We fight whoever occupied our land regardless of their religion. #Hamas25 # ...            RT @peterfhart: Iraq redux? Big media hype Syria chem weapons (            U.S. Armada and 10,000 Troops Now at Syrian Coast           
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