Network: US and Israel dance apart in public while cooperating ever more closely in private            Netanyahu: Arab revolutions danger to Israel            USA - Mother of Hypocrisy            General: Iran will strike pre-emptively at foes            Iran threatens pre-emptive action against 'enemies'            Praise for MarkBruzonsky - thank you!            RT @Scrataliano: Funny how @MarkBruzonsky ,one of the best mideast journalists on the planet,has only 121 followers. Just shows how brai ...            Assad Tries Constitutional Change            USA - Mother of Hypocrisy            Pakistan air force making iPad clone tablet            IRAN as well as RUSSIA and CHINA warn US against Syria Intervention            Abbas Dancing Faster, Harder, less Credible to all            LIBERTY or DEATH! Thousands rally across Palestine for hunger striker            ISRAEL WAR PATH! AIPAC Convention Looms.            ICWA - Institute of Current World Affairs - Infiltrated by Israeli/Jewish Lobby           
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