Network: The myth of the Osirak bombing and the march to Iran            PONDERING the destruction of one people and of another as well            US and Israel Twist and Dance before Middle East WAR            Mexico - 16000 killed last year! Syria - 7000+ and counting.            OBAMA Bows to AIPAC again!            Quick Summary of US duplicity in today's M E            "THEY WERE NOT CONTRACTORS"! Oh YES They Were and Are! -            Israelis use NYTimes to set stage for AIPAC and Obama            FLASHBACK 1919 - fKing-Crane Commission            Quick Pithy Summary of US policies in today's Middle East            The imminent rise of Hamas            GREAT POWER CONFRONTATION LOOMING?            GREAT POWER CONFRONTATION?            Putin warns of CATASTROPHE if IRAN attacked            UK prepares with US, Israel, Arab Regimes for IRAN War           
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