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Noun + Verb + 9/11 + Iran = Democrats? Defeat? (New York Times)
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Sun, 04 Nov 2007 03:36:48 GMT

What happens if President Bush does not bomb Iran? That is good news for the world, but potentially terrible news for the Democrats.

U.S. Sanctions Force World Bank to Halt Some Iran Aid (New York Times)
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Sun, 04 Nov 2007 00:36:48 GMT

New American sanctions on Iranian banks has forced the World Bank to suspend payments for earthquake relief, sanitation and other projects in Iran.

Iran rejects Gulf plan for uranium enrichment compromise (AFP via Yahoo! News)
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Sat, 03 Nov 2007 19:08:53 GMT

Iran on Saturday rejected a proposal by its Gulf Arab neighbours to set up a uranium enrichment plant in a neutral country outside the Middle East to resolve a crisis over Tehran's nuclear programme.

Iran will not halt enrichment: official (AFP via Yahoo! News)
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Sat, 03 Nov 2007 15:51:01 GMT

A defiant Iran said Saturday it would not give up uranium enrichment a day after six world powers in London agreed to push towards a third round of UN sanctions if the nuclear stand-off persisted.

Iran hangs murderer in public (AFP via Yahoo! News)
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Sat, 03 Nov 2007 10:50:58 GMT

Iran has hanged a convicted murderer in public in the southern province of Kerman, the Kayhan daily reported on Saturday.

Iran inflation at 17.9% (AME Info)
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Sun, 04 Nov 2007 04:41:46 GMT

Inflation in Iran reached 17.9% in the first half of the Iranian year, reported Reuters citing central bank figures. Experts believe excess spending of oil revenues is a major factor but the Iranian government has denied that inflation is out of control and the problem has been exaggerated.

Iran bank says U.S. sanctions, accusations wrong (Reuters via Yahoo! News)
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Sat, 03 Nov 2007 09:18:08 GMT

Iran's Bank Mellat has denied U.S. allegations that prompted Washington to slap sanctions on the institution and says it reserves the right to take legal action against the U.S. authorities in response.

Obama says US must try talking to Iran (AP via Yahoo! News)
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Sat, 03 Nov 2007 08:32:42 GMT

Sen. Barack Obama said Friday that as president he would personally negotiate with Iran, offering economic incentives and a chance for peaceful relations if Iranian leaders would forgo pursuit of nuclear weapons and support of terrorists.

Now is the time for clarity over Iran (Guardian Unlimited)
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Sun, 04 Nov 2007 03:13:51 GMT

The drums of war are beating. In America, talk of a strike against Iran grows louder. In Israel, hardliners claim Tehran is close to getting the bomb. In Bahrain, host to the US Fifth Fleet, the state's foreign minister imagines doomsday.

Vaeedi: Iran not to suspend uranium enrichment (People's Daily)
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Sun, 04 Nov 2007 03:35:38 GMT

Deputy head of Iran's Supreme National Security Council Javad Vaeedi said on Saturday that Tehran would not accept any proposal that demands a halt of its uranium enrichment, the official IRNA news agency reported. Vaeedi made the ...