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US military deaths in Iraq at 3,861 (AP via Yahoo! News)
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Wed, 14 Nov 2007 03:04:19 GMT

As of Tuesday, Nov. 13, 2007, at least 3,861 members of the U.S. military have died since the beginning of the Iraq war in March 2003, according to an Associated Press count. The figure includes eight military civilians. At least 3,147 died as a result of hostile action, according to the military's numbers.

Media tycoon Murdoch tells Australia to keep troops in Iraq (AFP via Yahoo! News)
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Wed, 14 Nov 2007 02:31:37 GMT

Global media tycoon Rupert Murdoch has urged Australia to keep its troops in Iraq, saying victory is almost in sight there and in Afghanistan.

Study probes Iraq fighting's mental toll (USA Today)
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Wed, 14 Nov 2007 01:36:11 GMT

The mental toll of fighting in Iraq affects 20% of active-duty soldiers and 42% of National Guard troops and reservists, according to an Army study, which also found that most mental health problems didn't surface until months after troops returned home.

As Bad News Dries Up In Iraq, Media Search For It Elsewhere (Investor's Business Daily via Yahoo! News)
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Tue, 13 Nov 2007 23:47:20 GMT

In an era of thinly veiled media bias, it's probably fitting that as positive reports pour out of Iraq on an almost daily basis, the situation there has virtually disappeared from the radar screens of mainstream news outlets.

State seeks volunteers for Iraq duty (AP via Yahoo! News)
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Tue, 13 Nov 2007 22:36:10 GMT

The State Department has extended a window for diplomats to volunteer for Iraq duty in the hope the Bush administration can avoid ordering potentially unwilling candidates to serve in the combat zone, officials said Tuesday.

Iraq vets may suffer depression, stress (AP via Yahoo! News)
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Tue, 13 Nov 2007 23:08:48 GMT

The euphoria of a soldier's homecoming from Iraq often gives way to depression, stress and trouble dealing with family members during the first months home, a new Pentagon study finds.

Iraq, Afghan war costs are $1.6 trillion (AP via Yahoo! News)
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Tue, 13 Nov 2007 20:23:01 GMT

The economic costs of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are estimated to total $1.6 trillion — roughly double the amount the White House has requested thus far, according to a new report by Democrats on Congress' Joint Economic Committee.

Iraq situation unacceptable: U.S. Catholic bishops (Reuters via Yahoo! News)
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Tue, 13 Nov 2007 20:29:27 GMT

U.S. Catholic bishops on Tuesday described the situation in Iraq as "unacceptable and unsustainable," and urged the Bush administration to pull out American troops in a responsible way as quickly as possible.

Turkish Aircraft Attack Iraq, as Kurdish Militants Kill 4 Turks (New York Times)
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Tue, 13 Nov 2007 20:17:35 GMT

Turkish military aircraft attacked villages in northern Iraq on Tuesday, Iraqi officials said. Turkish officials said that Kurdish militants in Turkey had killed four Turkish soldiers.

Turkish helicopters strike inside Iraq (AP via Yahoo! News)
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Tue, 13 Nov 2007 20:06:09 GMT

Turkish helicopters swooped into Iraqi territory Tuesday, Iraqi officials said, firing on villages in renewed pressure to dislodge Turkish Kurd guerrillas from bases in northern Iraq used to stage cross-border raids.