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January, 2009

206 Israelis Say SEAL GAZA PRISON Border with Egypt!
205 Before Gaza Israel's Biggest U.N. Massacre was at Qana in Lebanon
204 The Israel Lobby Video Documentary - VPRO
203 The Israel Lobby Watch online
202 What You'd Know About Israel If You Watched Al Jazeera TV
201 How Gaza is alienating Britain's Jews and Muslims
200 How Israel brought Gaza to the brink of humanitarian catastrophe
198 Letter to Obama from the former Prime Minister of Malaysia Dr. Mahathir bin Mohammad
197 London Time Publishes Major Attack on Hamas
196 'U.S. Out of the Middle East!' Tens of Thousands Protested at the White House on 10 Jan 2009.
195 'No More Money for Israel's Crimes' - Tens of Thousands of Protestors at the White House on 10 Jan 2009
193 Video 3 - 'Resistance Is Justifie When People Are Occupied' - In front of the Whtie House on 10 January 2009
192 Video2 - 'Resistance Is Justifed When People Are Occupied' - In front of the Whtie House on 10 January 2009
191 'Resistance Is Justifed When People Are Occupied' - In front of the Whtie House on 10 January 2009
190 President-elect's train trip poses miles of security issues
189 The West Bank: We're all Hamas now - supporters of Fatah unite behind enemy
188 West Bank feels betrayed by its leaders
187 Stephen Hadley: The challenges our successors in the White House will face
186 Robert Fisk: Why do they hate the West so much, we will ask
185 The U.N.'s Richard Falk Interviewed
184 U.N. Richard Falk Talks about Israel, Gaza, U.N.
183 The West Bank: We're all Hamas now - supporters of Fatah unite behind enemy
182 UN demands immediate ceasefire in Gaza Strip
181 UN Security Council - After repeated American Veto threats, now acts - too little, too late, too indadquate
175 UN: Israel kills driver on aid mission to Gaza
172 Israel, US, EU push 'Border Monitors' to further control and imprison Palestinians
170 With American Veto Security Council Action UN GA Calls Emergency Meeting
169 Chronology of Israel's relationship with Gaza
168 Iraq: Cleric urges 'revenge operations' over Gaza
167 US-funded program fails to stop tunnel smuggling
166 AP Gaza reporter finds hometown in rubble
165 Protester Calls for Jews to 'Go Back to the Oven' at Anti-Israel Demonstration
164 Now we know - The Bushes Stiffed the Obamas Over BLAIR HOUSE
163 FISK: Why Do They Hate Us So Much
161 UN Says No Hamas Fighters Were in Bombed Gaza School
159 India and Pakistan Exchange Accusation
158 Father of The Independent's Gaza Reported Killed by Israelis
157 Hamas calls for 'day of wrath' after senior official killed by Israel
156 Don't expect Obama to get tough with Israel
155 How Hamas is altering Israeli politics
153 US opens world's largest foreign mission in Iraq
152 Deepening Israeli assault on Hamas divides Arab world
150 Unprecedented Numbers of Americans Question Israel's Actions in Gaza
149 Israel Bombs UN School, Three Killed; Death Toll 100 on Monday Alone
148 Atrocities in Gaza: Piecing Together the Story
147 Scientists discover true love - it's in the Brain
146 Real Goal: Ending Hamas and Promoting Puppet Govt of Abbas
“This is an all-out war against the civilian Palestinian population”

144 MERTV Program #1 - More Relevant Now Than Ever
143 A video made by Palestinians to show how the Israeli Jews teach their children to hate and kill Arabs.
142 LauchBeat - MiddleEast.Org
140 Hamas: Israel has legitimised the killing of its children
139 Europe fears spike in anti-Semitism as Gaza burns
138 240,000 dollars awarded to man forced to cover Arab T-shirt
137 Hamas defiant as Israel vows to press on
136 MERTV Program #1 - More Relevant Now Than Ever
135 MERTV Programs
133 Gaza conflict fuels anti-Semitic attacks across Europe
132 Israelis Push To Seal Egyptian Border with Gaza
131 ‘We’re wading in death, blood and amputees. Pass it on – shout it out’
130 FACTBOX-Emerging Gaza ceasefire proposals
129 Hamas: Israel has legitimised the killing of its children
128 Historic Palestinian Poet Died in 2008
126 Gaza school strike forces Barack Obama to break his silence
121 Israeli tank fire kills 42 at U.N. school
120 India PM says Pakistan "agencies" linked to attack
119 Cut oil sales to Israel's backers-Iranian commander
118 No Man's Land: Iraqi-Palestinians in Al Tanf Camp
117 Israeli media freer than US on conflict
116 Israel's actions only serve to feed Palestine's contempt
113 Gazans Say NO to International Forces
112 Massacre: 42 killed by Israeli shelling at UN school in Jabaliya Refugee Camp
109 UN to World: Israel Killing and Lying
108 The Gaza Ghetto Uprising of 2008
107 Israelis Lock Media out of Gaza Prison
106 Warning: Inset Terror Very Possible
105 Israelis Strike at Tunnel Lifelines to Gaza Prison
104 New China Steps To Police Internet - Pornography Is Cited As Reason
102 US Again Vetoes UN Action on Behalf of ISRAEL
101 Israel Strikes Before Bush/Cheney Depart
98 Politics, diplomacy behind Obama's Gaza silence
96 Gordon Brown calls for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza
95 It breaks my heart to see Israel's stupidity - Michael Lerner
94 Israel rains fire on Gaza with phosphorus shells
93 Egypt Publicly Condemns Israeli 'Savage Aggression'
92 Riot police called out in London as protest ends in skirmishes
91 The Palestinian Prime Minister Hunkered Down in Gaza
90 Wary Obama will make the Middle East wait
89 Splits and confusion mark Europe's response to Gaza crisis
88 It will take humanity as well as guns to beat the Taliban, says General David Petraeus
87 Thousands protest in Europe at Gaza offensive
86 EU Head Backs Away from Supporting Israel
83 Fire dies under China’s once booming manufacturing industry
82 Thousands protest in Europe at Gaza offensive
81 France leads alarm over Gaza, splits with US
80 Indian minister to take Mumbai evidence to US: reports
79 Arabs Demand UN Call For Immediate Cease-Fire
78 Israel bombs Islamic University in
77 No Real 'Change' from OBAMA - It's Guns, Money, and Support for Israel like Usual
76 Even the French Govt Condemns Israeli Blitzkreig
75 Gaza assaults spark global backlash
74 U.S.-installed Iraqi ex-PM says Bush "utter failure"
73 EU Pres Declares Israel's War 'Defensive' and Climate Change 'Myth'
72 Hebron Settlement: Born In and Living In SIN
71 Right and Left, Diaspora Jews more critical of Israel than ever
70 BARAK -10: "I Would Join A Terror Group"
69 The Making of Dr. Atomic
68 Taliban bomber in bloody revenge on defiant village
67 Psst! It’s so easy to spy on the wife
66 EU presidency: Israel ground op in Gaza 'defensive not offensive'
64 Obama Takes Over EMPIRE IN DECLINE
63 The SHAH of Afghanistan - America's Latest Creation
62 Protests Against Puppet Palestinian Govt Violent Put Down
61 Muslims around the world protest Gaza assault
60 UN chief wants monitors for Gaza cease-fire
59 Israelis and Foes War on YouTube
58 Israeli Agents Worry about Obama - Or So They Claim
53 Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney Denouses U.S. VIOLENCE, ISRAEL, and OBAMA
52 GAZA Destruction Near Complete - Land Attack Looms
51 Protests against Gaza attack sweep across the world
50 Fire dies under China’s once booming manufacturing industry
49 The Funeral of Harold Pinter
48 Israel set to begin ground war against Hamas in Gaza
47 Gaza rockets put Israel’s nuclear plant in battle zone
46 Egypt and Jordan crack down on anti-Israel rallies
45 Palestinians Vow to STRIKE ZIONISTS EVERYWHERE for first time.
44 VIDEO Documentary - THE 1967 WAR
43 Israelis Ram almost Sink DIGNITY on Way to GAZA
40 Sec State Rice Pretends to want Cease Fire
39 Israelis Systematically Killing and Destroying Hamas
38 9 Muslim passengers kicked off flight after remark
36 Barack Obama’s hopes for early peace deal shattered in minefield of Middle Eastern politics
27 Arabs turn on Egypt for collusion over siege
26 Puppet Saudi Regime has long history of US and UK ties
25 Arab League Pleads with U.N. to Act
24 Hamas leader, 4 Wifes, 11 Children, Killed With Massive Bomb Strike
22 New Year 2009 - US and UK effective Veto UN Resolution to Stop ISRAELI Attacks
21 Reuters - 2008 In Review
17 Gazans fight cold and hunger as supplies run dry
16 Demonstrations in U.S. Against Israeli Attacks on Palestinians
14 New Year 2009 - US and UK effectively Veto UN Resolution to Stop ISRAELI Attacks
13 Hamas unveils arsenal of long-range missiles
12 Gaza: secondary war being fought on the internet
11 Obamas snubbed over official Washington residence
10 Dubai calls off New Year's Eve extravaganza
9 US hands over green zone in Baghdad as Iraq takes control
8 Israel vows to sweep Hamas from power
7 Pressure from DrudgeReport alleged as cause of NYTimes defamation story during McCain campaign
6 Shhhh! As the world waits for Obama to voice his opinion on Gaza, America's President-elect hits the golf course
4 Iranians raid British diplomatic compound in Gaza protest
3 ISRAELI Phone Gaza Palestinians - BOMBS are COMING, RUN
2 Dubai Cancels New Years Fearing Arab Explosion
1 Column One: The 'realist' fantasy
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