WHITE HOUSE Historic Peace Ceremony with Arafat, Rabin and Clinton - Sept 1993. 
Mark Bruzonsky was the live commentary for Canadian National Television
throughout this historic event.

Other appearsances on CTV before and after the White House Ceremony

PHIL DONAHUE SHOW - August 1982 during the War in Lebanon
(The best-known and most popular syndicated talk-show at that time)



COURT TV - in the days immediately after 9/11/2001

Pacifica Radio "Democracy Now", 11 Feb 1998
U.S. policy toward Iraq & the Role of Secretary of State Madeleine Albright -    Listen

CBC - Canadian Broadcasting System NEWSWORLD - September 1992 - Watch video

Mark Bruzonsky on VOICE OF AMERICA (CHINA)
Featured Guest on 2 August 2006 about the LEBANON WAR and U.S. MIDDLE EAST POLICY

Mark Bruzonsky on VOICE OF AMERICA (CHINA)
Featured Guest on 1 September 2009 about the realities of the "Middle East Peace Process"
and Israeli and American preparations for War with IRAN.

FOX NEWS - Bruzonsky for 3 Consecutive Days in 1998 about Iraq
12 November    13 November   14 November 1998
Each day the program host refused to let Bruzonsky express his thoughts about Israeli involvements and policies.
Each day the Washington studio Fox News producers requested Bruzonsky to return the next day to continue.
By the fourth day Bruzonsky declined to come back again if he could not tell the full truth as he viewed it about the critical situation.

CTV - Live commentary throughout the White House Signing Ceremony withYitzhak Rabin and Yasser Arafat

2 Weeks before the White House Ceremony (31 Aug 1993 - 8 minutes)     Watch video   Read Transcript
 1 week before the White House Ceremony (6 Sept 1993 - 5 minutes)      Watch video
WHITE HOUSE CEREMONY - Rabin, Arafat, Clinton  (13 Sept 1993 - 1 hour 17 minutes)    Watch video
1 month after White House Ceremony (13 November 1993 - 5 minutes)    Watch video