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'The Push to War'
(December 29, 2002)

WAR LOOMS - Israel, the US, and Britain Prepare
(December 22, 2002)
The U.S. and Israel are moving in tandem now to take control of the entire Middle East region as never before in modern history. In effect it is a neo-crusade designed to force the entire region into submission and 'remake' it to further serve Western and Israeli desires. A look at the map of the region shows in fact that nearly every country -- with the exceptions of Lebanon, Syria, and Iran -- now has US forces and US bases. Not since the breakup of the Ottoman Empire at the time of World War I, 'Lawrence of Arabia', and the Paris 'Peace to end all Peace' Conference have there been such dramatic and far-reaching geo-political changes forced on the Arab people of the Middle East.

Academics Squeak Up
(December 20, 2002)
Academics are often late to the party; as they surely are in these historically important times and with this particularly half-baked half-hearted statement. And even when they get there too many "political correct" academics end up talking a lot while actually not doing very much -- especially when they get together collectively and especially in the contemporary US of A these days. Such is clearly the case here with this latest statement from an ensemble of American academics coming mildly and meekly together capitalizing on the opportunity to indicate that they are doing so in support of their "courageous" Israeli colleagues. 'Courage' is not a word that should however be applied to their own very inadequate statement.

(December 20, 2002)

Academics Squeak Up...
(December 20, 2002)
American Academics back 'courageous' Israeli academics, while lacking their own courage and hiding behind the 'I Gave At the Office' Excuse.

ARREST WAVE Preceeds Upcoming War and 'REGION CHANGE'
(December 19, 2002)

Israel Faces 'Catastrophe' Ahead
(December 18, 2002)
Potential catastrophe awaits Israel within a few years. This warning from none other than Shimon Peres himself.

'The Push for War' - Truly Must Reading to Understand Contemporary Washington
(December 16, 2002)
To put it simply, this is an immensely insightful and extraordinarly provocative article by an author who will be new to most but who should be quickly elevated to importance. Anatol Lieven's look at contemporary Washington is something only a once outsider now insider relatively free of entangling alliances could come up; and only something that could be published abroad from American shores, as it was last October in the London Review of Books.

Threatening With Nukes and Star Wars-Type Weapons
(December 16, 2002)
So far this month the American President has threatened to use nuclear weapons against Iraq. The Israelis have threatened to use their considerable nuclear arsenal against Islam itself, as well as Iran in addition to Iraq. And the Sunday Express in London has just front-paged a grand story that Osama and Al-Qaeda have 20 'Backpack Nukes' from the old Soviet Empire days. Whether this 'Suitcase Nukes' was a leaked story designed to create more fear and build more support for the US/Israeli war, or whether it may be true...there's really no way for most of us to know for sure at the moment. The placing and timing sure is suspicious, coming in fact right after the US and Israeli nuclear threats got some worldwide attention. And the fact that the story was featured only in this sensationalistic headline-grabbing London newspaper, and at the same time that the Iraqi exiles are meeting in London at the US-sponsored conference...all this adds to the confusion and uncertainty and suspicions. After all, both the American CIA and the Israeli Mossad have a long history of such kinds of deceptions...dare we call it a kind of 'journalistic terrorism' in fact? And at least the CIA, at least in years past, was prohibited from 'disinformation' leaks to American media outlets...hence the dateline London story takes on even more doubters.

It's all about 'Regional Change'...not simple 'Regime Change'
(December 14, 2002)
Indeed, the US/Israeli "New World Order" is nothing less than a historic neo-imperialistic power grab the world has not seen for quite some time. As this Canadian columnist writes: "Senior [U.S.] administration officials openly speak of invading Iran, Syria, Libya and Lebanon. Influential neo-conservative think-tanks in Washington have deployed a small army of "experts" on TV, urging the U.S. to remove governments deemed unfriendly to the U.S. and Israel. Washington's most powerful lobbies - for oil and Israel - are urging the U.S. to seize Mideast oil and crush any regional states that might one day challenge Israel's nuclear monopoly or regional dominance. The radical transformation of the Mideast being considered by the Bush administration is potentially the biggest political change since the notorious 1916 Sykes-Picot Treaty in which victorious Britain and France carved up the Ottoman-ruled region."

Israel/Palestine - How to End the War of 1948
(December 14, 2002)

Another Nobel Tragedy and Travesty
(December 10, 2002)
However well-meaning Jimmy Carter may have been then and now; judged by his actions, misrepresentations, and political cowardice, rather than by his apparently heartfelt rhetoric, Carter's involvement in matters Middle Eastern was tragic, at best. Indeed, to award such a 'peace prize' to Carter in the midst of the terrible circumstances faced by the Palestinians, the upcoming American/Israeli war for regional control, and the simmering 'Clash of Civilizations' is a historical travesty, at best.

Hollywood Celebs Tell Bush 'No War'
(December 9, 2002)
Anti-War Movement growing, Hollywood Celebs Send Washington a Peace Letter, new peaceful civil-disobedience movement launched.

Jordanian King Abdullah II Proclaims Himself 'The True Voice of Islam'
(December 7, 2002)
In the pages of the Empire's hometown newspaper The Washington Post King Abdullah II proclaims himself 'The True Voice of Islam' hoping against hope that his Kingdom will remain under American protection after the upcoming great war in which it is really the Israelis who will decide whether Jordan becomes 'The Palestinian State' For much more historical background into the reality of 'The Hashemite Kingdon of Jordan' see -- http://www.MiddleEast.Org/archives/jordan.htm

The Tremendous and Escalating Cost of US and Israeli Policies
(December 6, 2002)
In the worst case, a war with Iraq could cost the United States almost as much as the government spent in the last budget year - nearly $2 trillion, according to new projections in a major report from the Committee on International Security Studies of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

The New MER HOMEPAGE and WORLDPAGE - CHAT today with Mark Bruzonsky
(December 5, 2002)

The 'Big War' Ahead - Israelis Prepare for Killing and Expulsion
(December 4, 2002)
The BIG WAR with devastating historical results is now coming. It may focus on Iraq; but it will have possibly even more lasting repercussions in the once 'Holy Land' of the Jewish, Christian and Muslim Bibles. When it finally happens no one will be able to say this time that they didn't know, they weren't aware, how could it happen... And there will be so much blame to be distributed starting of course with the Israelis but extending quickly and fairly to the United States, American Jews, the United Nations, et. al.


(December, 2002)

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  • Europeans Attempting to Build Pentagon II
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  • US Government Filled With 'Dually-Loyal' American Jews and Israeli Supporters
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  • American media called instruments of war propaganda
  • Just like the real thing, Dubya Doll Talks Tough and Occasionally Makes Mistakes
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  • Preparations for US-controlled NATO force to further occupy Palestinians
  • US Greatly Steps Up Campaign to Infiltrate and Propagandize in Middle East
  • Turkey (and US)Told 'No Thanks' By EU
  • The Mohamed Battle in America
  • Bush Uses Walters and ABC to Push His PR
  • Hezbollah in Lebanon Also Targeted in the War Ahead
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  • The U.S. Government, Not the Hijackers, 'Chose' the Date of the 9-11 Attacks
  • Hitchens was never innocent -- and neither were we
  • Ted Turner - Thinks His Money Collapsed like WTT, and Bush is Helping the UN!
  • Palestinian Society Further Deteriorating - Just as Israelis Want
  • Start of Civil-Disobedience Movement - Ben Cohen, et. al, arrested
  • The US African Horn Beachhead - Djibouti
  • Preparations to Occupy Iraq Go More Public
  • Mercenary Iraq Force Training Expands
  • Senior Israeli Military Calls for Destroying Mecca and Medina
  • West Point Prepares Next Generation For New Wars
  • `We do not support your war'
  • John Pilger: `The Americans want Iraq's oil'
  • How McDonalds Keeps An Anti-US Wolrld Buying Big Macs
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  • Israel's Vast Propaganda Machine
  • USG Pushing for even greater media consolidation and control
  • Medical Experts Warn of Human Devastation in Iraq
  • Police State Coming - Photographer Arrested For Taking Public Pictures of VP Cheney's Hotel
  • Carter Accepts Nobel Peace Prize...
  • US Takes UN's Iraq Report . Russians, others, protest...
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  • Elliott Abrams Returns to Run White House Middle East Policy
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  • The Rise of the Hindu Right
  • 'Stop The War Talk' Stars Tell The President
  • Civil-Disobedience Campaign Launched in U.S. About Iraq War
  • Zionist-controlled Hollywood strikes again. - Award-winning Palestinian film excluded
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  • The Bishop and the Imam Debate the Clash
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  • Senate Leader Applauds Old-Time Hard-Core Segregationist
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  • Al-Qaeda Vows More Coming
  • Washington, DC #4 on the Danger List. Baltimore #2
  • Bombi Condi
  • The No Bounds Arrogance of Israeli Supporters
  • Sharon and Bush Play With Palestinians, and with themselves, using 'Palestinian State' rhetoric
  • Smoldering Palestinian Civil War Escalates
  • Get this! Mossad to probe Shinbet about Arafat's Secret Swiss Bank Accounts!
  • Cinema Blasts in Bangladesh
  • Former Top Shinbet Officials Admit Opening and Managing Secret Arafat Swiss Bank Accounts!
  • VP Cheney: Building a Huge Bomb Shelter or Drilling For Oil?
  • Israeli Settlements Accelerating More and More
  • 'Time To Bomb Saddam ' - The Musical
  • US Military Now In Place to Attack
  • 'Human Shield' Canadians Off to Baghdad
  • Iran Calls for Muslim Unity Against the Americans
  • Boycotting the American Ambassador's Iftar
  • Conspiracy Against Islam Charges Heard in Pakistan
  • The True Voice of Islam - Right!
  • Armey Bows Out Warning Again American Freedoms Are Now At Stake
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  • Arafat According to the BBC
  • Ariel Sharon According to the BBC
  • Natanyahu According to the BBC
  • Sharon's Nutty 'Palestinian State'
  • Avram Mitzna According to the BBC
  • More Israeli Killing Spurs More Palestinian Rage
  • Global Anger at US Growing Worldwide
  • Harris becomes Instant Assistant Republican 'Whip'
  • Breaing Down the High-Tech Doors in Boston
  • The Doll Collection - Osama, al.
  • Iraq War Cost: $1.9 Trillions in coming 10 years
  • Anti-US Anger Growing Even Among 'Moderate' US Friends
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  • Israelis Bury Palestnian Father Alive; Gross 'Collective Punishments' Meet War Crimes Definitions.
  • Americans 'Quietly' Evacuating Jordan
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  • Cheney Pays Back former Employer with US Funds
  • Both Russia and India Oppose US War Plans, Even as US Prepares to Strike
  • Feuding American Journalists - O'Reilly (FOX) versus Moyers (PBS)
  • Major US Military Reserves Call-Up Leaked
  • UN Demands Israel Stop 'Killing and Beating' UN Workers
  • With the US opposing, UN General Assembly Once More Passes Resolution After Resolution Against Israel
  • Statement From International UN Workers Operating In Occupied Palestinian
  • Bush as Another Hitler?
  • Did Bush and Company 'Encourage'....'Allow'....'Anticipate'...9/11?
  • The Wellstone Was Done In Story
  • Cronkite Warns of WWIII
  • The Sultan of Spin...More Finessing and Bowing from the Saudis
  • CIA and Mossad Spies Say Iraqis
  • Israeli's Military Generals Await 2003 to Remake the Middle East
  • Israel 'Opportunity' Hints Bibi
  • Now its the the 'Roadmap' Blabberfest
  • Fringes of Islam on display in Washington
  • US Foreign Policy is Immoral, unsuccessful, stupid, and dangerous
  • A Philosopher in the Middle East Trenches with the Palestinians
  • US War May Be Delayed for Election Cycle Reasons
  • UN Official Writes: The Israelis Shot Me and Killed Ian
  • Lake Arabia
  • Bush and the Americans Keep Setting the Whole World Up for Their War
  • On the Saudis, Pakistan, and the US
  • Demonscats Turned Into Enuchs
  • "It's like something that 'Mad TV' thought up" - Susan Sarandon on Kissinger/Bush
  • Americans Mourn Only Their Own
  • Virulent Smalpox on the Loose?
  • Bush and Sharon United To Dominate ME Region
  • Malaysian PM Calls Autralian PM 'White-Man Sheriff
  • War Expands - Hezbollah Calls For Attacks Worldwide
  • Jewish Fundamentalists - The 'Little War' Preceeding The 'Big War'
  • Hebron - More Confiscations, More Settlements, More War
  • Another Major US Shift - US Votes For Israeli Control of all of Jerusalem
  • The Israeli - Palestinian Battle of the Womb
  • Pentagon to Watch Where and How Everyone Shops
  • 95-year-old woman Killed by Israelis
  • Oh 'Princess Haifa' - Forgetting Just How and Why her father was killed
  • Now Arafat Gets the Boot from Madame Trussauds
  • Israelis Shoot and Kill Wildly
  • Turkey Told To Comply With American Demands
  • More Israeli/Jewish Lobby Operatives Taking Over in Bush Admin
  • A Post-Saddam Scenario - American Israeli/Lobby Style
  • Living With the Holocaust...And With the Occupation...
  • Sharon's Persistence Pays Off
  • UN Employees Protest Israeli Policies Toward Them
  • Jewish 'Demographic Crisis' Looms
  • Saad Ibrahim Retrial in Egypt Looms - A Saga of 'Egyptian Democracy'
  • Barghouti Calls For Arafat Replacement for first time
  • Moonie Power in Washington
  • AIPAC Info
  • Saddam...The Monster? Our Monster?
  • Israelis Warn Again They Will Use Their Own Weapons of Mass Destruction
  • Saudis Boot one London Ambassador for One Much More Obedient
  • Most Young Americans Can't Find Iraq on the Map
  • Christians, Jews, Bushies, and the Moonies
  • Gulf War - Episode II
  • Israelis and Palestinians All In Tears
  • 'The Push For War' - New Christian-Jewish-Republican American Alliance
  • Waiting for Israel's Daniel Elsberg
  • Labor wants 'Separation' (Fence, ghettos, apartheid)...and Likud wants 'Transfer' (expulsion, ethnic cleansing)
  • Iraqi Oil - 300+ billion barrels - Watch the Video
  • Ridiculed 9/11 Book Still Becomes Best Seller in France
  • Police State Emerging in US
  • Huge $100-$200 billion Price Tag for US War in Middle East
  • Ariel Sharon - War Crimes Dossier
  • Three More Tough Guys Return to US Foreign Policy
  • Israeli's Killing of UNRWA Manager Iain Hook
  • Rebutting Avneri on Mitzna
  • Fisk: Railing against the facile acceptance of authority
  • US Aid to Israel Since 1992
  • Another Example of Gross Israeli Duplicity when it comes to 'Palestinian Statehood'
  • Australia Adopts Bush 'Pre-Emption Doctrine'
  • Beilin Revealed
  • Fear in America - 19 police cars respond to 'Taliban Driver'
  • Most Politicized White House In Modern History
  • Analysis of Bin Laden and His Messages
  • Bandar Bush - Please Stay For Dinner...Just Like Old Times
  • Israel Attacks US Intelligence Ship - Now 35 Years of Lies and Coverup
  • Kissinger Out Of The Closet
  • Likud and U.S. Fundamentalists Exposed
  • Britain Planned to Threaten Germany in WWII with Nukes
  • Unprecedented Joint Appeal from Religious Leaders Not To Invade Iraq
  • Woe To Iraq Warns Edward Said
  • Anti-Americanism Rising Throughout the World
  • The Middle East Region - On Line Info and Maps
  • New Stunning Resource Map of the entire Middle East Region
  • Kissinger Is Back - What A Travesty
  • Overseas They Can Talk about the Israeli/Jewish Lobby - But Not In Washington
  • We're All Following Ariel Sharon Into the Trap And Over The Cliff

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