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US Has Vetoed Dozens of UN Resolutions for Israel
(September 26, 2002)

Urgent Cry to World From Israeli Academics
(September 25, 2002)

Urgent Plea To Prevent Massive War Crimes Comes From Israeli Academics
(September 25, 2002)
An Unprecedented URGENT WARNING from Israelis to the world to stop feared EXPULSION of Palestinians.

Urgent Appeal to the World to Stop Israel From War Crimes - From Israeli Academics
(September 25, 2002)

MANDELA Blasts US - 'One Country Wants to Bully the World"
(September 19, 2002)

(September 19, 2002)

DO NOT BOMB IRAQ - Historic Statement from 1998
(September 20, 2002)

Israel's Near Nuclear Strike
(September 17, 2002)

(September 16, 2002)

Secret US Plan for 'Global Domination' Predates 9/11
(September 15, 2002)

Saudis Cave and Tell U.S. OK to use Saudis Bases Afterall
(September 16, 2002)

US Wants to Wage War on All of US
(September 12, 2002)

US Now Making War On All of US
(September 8, 2002)

Al-Jazeera Unmasked and Exposed
(September 4, 2002)

Expelling of Palestinians Looming
(September 3, 2002)

HISTORY OF THE MIDDLE EAST - Part 1 - MERTV 29 (28 minutes)
(September 2, 2002)


(September, 2002)

  • Hitchens Signs Up To Fight Iraq...and bows out from THE NATION
  • US Oil Companies out to get Russia's oil if they can
  • Israel and Its Agents Pushing US into War to make the Middle East safe for Israel
  • Nothing Doing at the grossly hypocritial United Nations
  • 'OUTRAGEOUS' Politization of WAR by Bush White House Charge Democrats!
  • Urgent Appeal From Israeli Academics
  • US To Train Mercenary Iraqi Army
  • Joseph Israel Lieberman Pushes for War Breaks With Gore
  • Former Saudi Oil Minister Predicts Oil Up to $100!
  • Israel Shamir on Jewish Power and Israel's Future
  • Israelis proclaim 'Palestinian Hero' and exploit him still further
  • Strolling through the Hebron Arab Ghetto
  • The Collective Arab Tragedy
  • Revolt in Palestine - 21 Sept 2002
  • Egyptian Intellectuals Oppose American Ambassador
  • US Trying to Isolate Germans and stop political defections from war plans
  • SMALLPOX - Both US and Israel Preparing
  • Pilger's Palestine Documentary Erupts in Britain
  • Interview with Marwan Barghouthi's wife
  • How the world changed on 9/11 - Netscape special feature
  • Bashing Bush - 'The West Wing's' Creator, Aaron Sorkin
  • Arafat Trapped with few allies left
  • Al-Qaeda Alive and Well After All?
  • In the Middle East, it's the US that 'threatens stability and security'
  • Condi Says US Will Rebuilt Iraq as Democracy
  • Constitution Erosion at home; World Order Transformation Abroad
  • Arafat's People Warn of Bloody War Changing the entire region
  • Bloody Siege in Kashmir
  • Arab-Israeli War Fear Growing
  • Qatar: America's Crucial Ally in the Gulf
  • Harvard Pres Warns of Growing Anti-Jewishness
  • How Wolfowitz, Perle and the Hardliners of the Israeli/Jweish lobby took over US Foreign Policy
  • German-US Relations Not So Good Anymore
  • Bulldozer PM Sharon
  • Israelis Poisoning Themselves
  • 'The World Must Stop this Madman'...(no, he's not Saddam or Osama)
  • A Statement of Conscience - 9/19/2002
  • Third-Rate Confused Iraqis
  • The US Military War Plan Takes Shape
  • US Nuke-Hit List Causes Uproar Overseas
  • INDIA: Facism's Footprint
  • More Jordanian Secret Collusion with US and Israel
  • India and Israel Still Escalate Cooperation and War Plans
  • Ahhummm....Nuclear Weapons of Israel
  • Paks, Saudis, to have tough time at US Airports
  • Rouge State America Seeks To Control the World
  • Iraq: The lying game
  • Jimmy Carter Says NO to Iraq War
  • Israel's Relentless Terrorism
  • US Will Nuke Baghdad! says former UK PM
  • German Justice Minister Makes the Bush-Hitler comparison
  • Yemen denies, but US CIA and Military Taking Over Everywhere
  • Qatar Now Fully US Protectorate as US Military Takes Over
  • Others Try to Upset US War Plans Using UN Opening Provided by Bush
  • US Special Forces In Secret Wars in Yemen +
  • Another Electric Fence - This One Around Jerusalem
  • Mandela: US is the World's Bully
  • Bush #41 'Hates' Saddam
  • Actor Tim Robbins Lambasts Bush Foreign Policies
  • New Yorkers Off Balance Over New Memorial Statue
  • Israel's Threatens War with Lebanon over Water
  • Israel's almost Nuclear Strike
  • DoomsDay Plan?
  • US Readies to Grab Iraqi Oil
  • Saudis Cave and Tell US OK after all
  • Iraqi Nuks by Christmas?
  • It's Really All About OIL, Stupid!
  • Prosecutor Bush Fails Big-Time
  • Never Mind, Mr. PM Sharon - Should have been 'Never Meant It'
  • Liberty Over far...
  • Past U.N. Resolutions Regarding Israel
  • Bush Admin Planned 'Regime Change' for Kabul, Baghdad BEFORE 9/11
  • US Case for War Built on 'Blindness, Hypocrisy, and Lies'
  • Saudis Relenting and Acommodating US War Plans
  • Bush Motives Highly Suspect for Arab World
  • Hunter Thompson and Bob Dylan Want Bush Out
  • Surprise, Surprise! Canada's Chretien Steps Forward
  • Shoe Bomber Points to Israel
  • Mel Gibson in Scathing Attack on Vatican
  • Canadian PM Says US Partly to Blame!
  • Al-Qaeda Groups Go Autonomous
  • Bush Speech to United Nations, U.N. - 12 Sept 2002
  • Musharraf - Just Keeps on Going
  • Undermining the Constitution? (the title they didn't use)
  • Palestinian Press Ridicules US
  • 20 Years After the Massacres
  • J'ACCUSE President Bush
  • Afghanistan Already Unraveling and Rebelling from US control
  • US Command HQ Set to Move to Qatar
  • Lots of Doubts Around the World About US Intentions
  • Russians, with US Help, to move in on world oil market
  • Pro-Al-Qaida Rally Held in London
  • US Security Agency Ranks #2 to Pentagon
  • Saudis Plan Nov Trade Fair in Baghdad
  • Sharon Threatens Water War
  • Pro-Palestinian Protestors Disrupt Bibi in Montreal
  • Palestinian Assembly Tries Again
  • Test: Bringing a Nuke Bomb into the USA
  • Mandela - US A Danger To World Peace
  • CIA Takeover of PA Expands Further
  • Horsemen of the Apocalypse
  • Chief Arafat Among the Ruins
  • US Tries To Paint Them All 'Evil'
  • Washington Gets Anti-Aircraft Military Missiles
  • US Creating More 'Terrorists' Says Chomsky
  • Vatican Says No to US, Yes to UN
  • America Has Changed...But Not Necessarily for the Better
  • 50,000 more US Troops rushing to Kuwait, Jordan - Approximate total soon 150,000
  • Hate Mail to the Chief Rabbi of Britain
  • Fisk on British History in Palestine all but forgotten
  • An Interview with Hunter S. Thompson
  • Israel's Occupation Turns 35
  • What Americans have learnt - and not learnt - since 9/11
  • 'Islamic Celebration' of 9/11 in Britain - 'A Towering Day in History' Says Poster
  • War Songs With UK Blair's Electric Guitar at Camp David?
  • UN Human Rights Chief Blasts US 'War on Terrorism'
  • America's War On Everyone
  • Norman Mailer Slams Excessive American Patriotism
  • President's Niece Balks Refusing to model Arab fashions
  • Don't Bomb Iraq, Putin Warns Again
  • It's ILLEGAL say Cherie Blair;s Colleagues
  • Revealed: Taliban Tried to Warn US
  • Bush to Toy With and Give Ultimatum to UN Thursday
  • Emergency Military Call-Up In Israel
  • The new War with Iraq is already's what is already happening
  • Internet Freedom Also Now Threatened by Aftermath of 9/11
  • 'Israel Can Burn' Says Mrs. Bibi
  • War Already Begun - Over a Hundred US/UK Planes Attacking
  • Iraq's Arsenal Then and Now
  • US HEAVY ARMOR Pouring into Gulf for war
  • Former Pres Clinton Tells Bush To Hold Off on Iraq
  • Top al Qaida leaders interviewed
  • German Chancellor Says US Plan to Attack Iraq Great Mistake
  • Chomsky on Iraq, Saddam, and US role and policies
  • The real US goal is oil seisuze...Saudi + Iraq - former British Cabinet Minister Says
  • Venice Applause for anti-US 9/11 film
  • Kurdish State Possibility
  • 100,000 US Troops Positioned Already To Strike Iraq
  • Former Pres Carter Blasts US ME and HR Policies
  • PBS Gets Beat Up Some More by Hard-Line Israeli/Jewish Groups
  • Another Major Provocation as the Israelis prepare for Mass Expulsions
  • Arafat's Team Trying to End Intifada II
  • 'Embalm, cremate, bury at sea'
  • Al-Jazeera's blind spot
  • Palestinian Informers - NYTimes Approach
  • The Israelis Want the Americans to Control the Middle East for them
  • Bush Wins Big at Earth Summit Even as he boycotts and Powell gets booed
  • Really? 'The Extremists Are Losing'
  • US Powell Booed, Heckled, Jeered, at Earth Summit
  • Musharraf Secretly Gives Al-Qaida to US
  • Finally, a courageous world leader proposes 'World Tax' on Poverty
  • Security Remains Pretty Bad After So Many Billions
  • Europeans Understand US at least partly to blame
  • Earth Summit Sell-Out
  • Iran Joins Warnings to US
  • Egyptian's Disgrace term 'Democracy' and US Policies
  • Russia Warns US One More Time
  • Mandela Blasts US Policies and Threats
  • Palestinians a Cancer Says Israeli Army Chief
  • Israel's Legal 'Dart Shells'
  • It's Israel Stupid!
  • US Navy Hoists 'Rattlesnake' Flag - 'Don't Tread On Me'
  • Proof of the fickleness of Western democracy and public opinion
  • Rescuing the 'Dead' Sea
  • A Plea for the Arabs to 'Unite' Against the US
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  • Barak II - New Israeli General Claims to be Savior of Labor Party
  • The War Only Israel and the US Want
  • US Seizes Airbase in Northern Iraq to use in coming war
  • Why the Bush Admin Needs This War with Iraq so badly
  • Israel Prepares to Strike Iraq
  • Israelis Ready To Exploit Iraq War
  • How the US Armed Iraq With Chem/Bio Weapons
  • Saudis Trying to Buy Better Image in USA
  • Saudis Try to Censor the Internet using Smut Excuse

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