Jordanian King Takes Desperate Gamble To Retain Power
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Jordanian King Takes Desperate Gamble To Retain Power


Trying to save the final Hashemite throne, the Royal regime in Jordan has decided to get even more in bed with the U.S. and Israel than ever before. It may work and the final Hashemite regime in power after enthronment by the British and the CIA in the last century may survive for the time being. Or it may backfire and the convoluted scheme to eventually twist what was once called Transjordan into "the Palestinian State", possibly after a major regional war and "expulsion" of many more Palestinians across the Jordan, may finally come to pass. After all just this result is the long-held ideological position of the Revionist-wing of Zionism, now in power more than ever before in Israel.

Abdullah II is not only weak and fearful, he is not nearly as crafty as he may think. He has exposed the vulnerable underpinnings of his Hashemite Kingdom as rarely before; and he lacks the finesse and quasi-legitimacy of his father to see him through moments of crisis. Indeed he is not only the offspring of a British mother who then was elevated to the throne in a largely CIA-inspired pseudo-plot; he is a man who had to take a crash course in Arabic and who is much more at home in London and the U.S. than in the Arab world, a little portion of which he now rules on behalf of those who put him, and keep him, in place for their own purposes.


[The Associated Press - Washington - 2/1/2001]: King Abdullah II of Jordan praised President George W. Bush's campaign to counter terrorism Friday and said other countries "better make up their minds pretty quickly" to join it.

Welcoming the endorsement in the Oval Office, the president cautioned that "all options are on the table on how to make our allies more secure."

Bush also admonished Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat for the attempt by the Palestinians to smuggle in 50 tons of weapons from Iran. He said the rockets, mortar and explosives were intended "for terrorist purpose" and that the smuggling, which Israeli commandos aborted in the Red Sea on Jan. 3, was contrary to a promise by the Palestinian leader that he would fight against terror.

Calling on Bush at the White House, Abdullah supported the president's designation of three countries, Iran, Iraq and North Korea, as an "axis of evil."

It was a significant step for the Arab monarch. Jordan sits alongside Iraq in the restive Middle East and is inclined to be careful about irritating its larger neighbor. During the Persian Gulf war a decade ago, for instance, Jordan sided with Iraq while most Arab countries supported the U.S. campaign to liberate Kuwait from Iraqi annexation.

"It is very obvious that there are those on the side of good and those on the side of bad and some in the middle, who haven't made up their minds," the king said during an exchange with reporters in the Oval Office. Bush at his side, Abdullah said there was a new expectation about what countries must do in the anti-terror campaign spearheaded by the Untied States.

"There's some countries in the middle that haven't made up their mind.... And those countries better make up their minds pretty quickly," Abdullah said.

The president agreed. "I hope nations make the right decision," Bush said. "A wrong decision would be to continue to export weapons of mass destruction."

At the same time, Bush said he was open to a dialogue with North Korea. He called on the reclusive Pyongyang regime to "pull back some conventional weaponry" on the Korean peninsula and "make a clear declaration of their peace intentions."

The president steered clear of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's statement this week that he regretted not having killed Arafat. Instead, Bush suggested it was best to keep the focus on "what derails peace, and what derails peace is terror."

Even before calling on Bush for a breakfast meeting, Abdullah praised the president's approach to the tangled Middle East situation.

The session with an Arab leader projects for Bush a message that even while putting pressure on Arafat, the administration is mindful of Arab sentiments. Bush, meanwhile, has made clear his disappointment with Arafat and has invited Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to the White House next week, his fourth visit in less than a year.


by Richard M. Bennett*

The Royal Jordanian Army has never really been deployed for offensive operations and has concentrated on developing anti-air and anti-tank defensive capabilities. Indeed a large proportion of the Army has been tasked to prevent an Israeli flanking advance through Umm Qays in northern Jordan into Syria directly threatening Damascus from the south. However King Abdullah II, half British and educated in part at the Jesuit Centre of Georgetown University has now opted to join the Egyptians in embracing the United States, Israeli and Turkish anti-Islamic alliance.

Abdullah, pitch-forked onto the throne with the help of the CIA and at the expense of the former Crown Prince, has taken up the close relationship his father had maintained with the US Intelligence community for much of his long reign. King Abdullah II knows only too well who really keeps him in power and with the possible withdrawal of Saudi financial support, the Hashemite Kingdom needs the United States more than ever before.

Abdullah's Government is also highly disturbed by the prospect of Sharon 'ethnically cleansing' the West Bank in particular, of Palestinians with the direct result that Jordan's stability would be threatened by a huge number of refugees. Israel, with Washington's support may choose to arbitrarily designate Jordan as a future Palestinian homeland and Abdullah has made the decision to 'embrace his enemies more closely' in the hope of preventing this catastrophe.

Since the major reorganization of 1977 the Royal Jordanian Army has kept the 5th Armoured Division deployed between the Iraqi border and Ramtha on the Syrian border, the 12th Mechanized Division deployed from Ramtha through Umm Qays to the Zarqa River in a defensive posture that cover both Israel and Syria and the 4th Mechanized Division deployed from Zarqa River, north of As-Salt to the Dead Sea facing Israel. The 3rd Armoured Division acts as both the strategic reserve and the main protection against an internal coup. It has units deployed at Zarqa in the north; near the capital Amman along with a brigade of Royal Guards made up of hand-picked troops from Bedouin tribes known for their long-standing loyalty to the Hashemite family, and Qatraneh in the south covering the route into Saudi Arabia.

In 1996 the Jordanian Army finally established a Special Operations Command, the brain-child of Abdullah then a serving Army officer. It is tasked to deal with a possible Palestinian uprising and the growth of Islamic terrorism. This powerful force now includes the 71st and 101st Special Force Battalions, the 81st and 91st Paracommando Battalions and both electronic warfare and helicopter support units. What is particularly significant is the possible re-positioning of both the 4th and the 12th Divisions along routes to the Syrian and Iraqi borders and the concentration of additional units from the 3rd Division facing Saudi Arabia. It has become increasingly apparent that Jordan's young King does not see Israel as a direct military threat and like the Muslim states of Egypt and Turkey has accepted Washington's contention that only a united front against Islamic extremism can prevent the overthrow of pro-Western Arab states.

The Bush administration has increased significantly the financial aid it will provide to Jordan following the wholehearted support expressed by King Abdullah II during his recent visit. The 2003 budget proposal submitted by President Bush to Congress, shows $198 million in civilian aid up from $78 million in 2001 and $250 million in military aid, compared with $150 million last year. The main increase in military aid is earmarked for fortifying Jordan's eastern border areas with Iraq in expectation of a major US attack to overthrow the Baghdad regime. Israel which has recently staged a number of tests of its defence against missile attacks may well be asked to provide air cover for Jordan in the event of an all out war with Iraq and its Syrian and Iranian allies.

Washington's military aid for both Israel with $2.1 billion and Egypt with over $1.3 billion dwarfs that of Jordan, but Abdullahs new stance is likely to see a huge increase in the aid flowing into his country over the next few years and a marked improvement in the quality of his armed forces. Whether a grateful Washington will protect Jordan from becoming a dumping ground for Israel's unwanted Palestinians following the probable annexation of the occupied territories is another matter entirely. [*AFI Research; Devon, UK]

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February 2002


(February 28, 2002)
The proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, precisely what the U.S. now insists is the main reason for its expansion of its "war on terrorism" far beyond the what happened and who did it of 9/11, didn't begin with the Arab and Muslim countries, it actually began with American's main ally, Israel.

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(February 28, 2002)
More Palestinians have died and been shot in the past weeks than in any other comparable period since the major wars in 1948 and 1967. Adjusted for the size of the U.S. population, about 100,000 Palestinians have been killed by the Israelis, with continual American assistance, just since Intifada II began! the Land of the Free
(February 27, 2002)
Since 11 September last year, up to 2,000 people in the U.S. have been detained without trial, or charge, or even legal rights. The fate of most is unknown. Andrew Gumbel investigates a scandal that shames the land of the free.

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(February 27, 2002)
While U.S. Attorney John Ashcroft is busy draping the statue of the Spirit of Justice, and while the White House is busy making excuses for getting rid of the Israeli-centric speechwriter, David Frum, the USG is using the "terrorism excuse" not only to get ready for "regime change" in Iraq but to keep "undesireables" from even speaking up through all kinds of new intimidation and repression techniques.

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Blair and Bush to Plot War on Iraq at White House Summit
(February 25, 2002)
After Vice-President Cheney -- former Pentagon chief and former oil company executive -- makes an unprecedented visit to a dozen countries in the Middle East and central Asia that surround Iraq or that will be involved in one way or another in the coming "regime change" war, British PM Tony Blair and Pres George Bush II will hold a war council at the White House.

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(February 23, 2002)
We now learn that Daniel Pearl, the kidnapped and killed Wall Street Journal reporter, was an Israeli citizen. What more may we learn next?

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Bulls and Tyrants are most dangerous when wounded. And this is now the case with Ariel Sharon and the powerful Israeli military/intelligence/occupation authorities he now commands.

Uncle Sam, Uncle Tom, and Uncle Ben
(February 22, 2002)
We all know who Uncle Sam is. And there are many who think of Colin Powell as Uncle Tom, thought admittedly he usually plays his role so well in public. The Israelis and Sharon have Shimon Peres. And the Americans and Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld have Colin Powell. But...Uncle Ben?

Israelis Proceed With Long-Term Plans
(February 22, 2002)
The current Israeli Prime Minister probably had plans to do just what he is now doing long ago. Since become PM he's just been manuevering to get things in place to do so. Even at the Wye River talks after he became Israeli Foreign Minister Sharon refused to even shake Yasser Arafat's hand.

Palestinians Under Occupation Fight Bravely While Those in Exile Fail Miserably
(February 21, 2002)
As courageous and in some ways remarkable as the Palestinian struggle is against an occupation army with high-tech weapons supplied by the world's only superpower, the Palestinians now face a potentially even more catastrophic fate.

"Where Is The World?" "A Future Not Worth Living"
(February 20, 2002)
The following eye-witness news comes from Dr. Mona El-Farra of the Union of Health Work Committees in Gaza.

More Strikes Ahead; Or More Justification For the New Crusades?
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In a predawn raid Wednesday, Israeli army F-16 warplanes, Apache helicopters and naval boats attacked Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat's beachside Gaza City headquarters, killing at least five Palestinians and wounding 10, Palestinian witnesses said.

The New Pentagon "Office of Strategic Influence" - Media Missiles Ahead
(February 19, 2002)
The big "defense" and "entertainment" corporations have bought up the major American media in the past few decades. Now the Pentagon and the State Department are diversifying into the news business in order to still further manipulate the foreign media and international public opinion.

Modern-Day Saudi Arabia - Crimes, Lashes, and Cover-ups
(February 18, 2002)
It's not a crime in Saudi Arabia to stash away hundreds of millions in totally unearned kick-back commissions in secret foreign bank accounts -- oops it's actually billions now with the total of all "Royal" foreign accounts now estimated to be approaching a trillion!

U.S. Truly Becoming the Star Wars Empire
(February 18, 2002)
The American President is in Asia, touring one past and potential future battlefield in Korea. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs is in India touring another. And the Vice-President is preparing for an unprecedented trip that will take him, along with senior military and CIA operatives, to nearly a dozen countries that just happen to surround Iraq.

Saudis To Propose Deal With Israel
(February 17, 2002)
are many ways to do things; and the Saudis have specialized in doing things in the wrong ways for the wrong reasons for a very long time now.

King Bandar of Saudi Arabia
(February 17, 2002)
Is it cowardice or ignorance that lies behind the rule of Crown Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia -- the man effectively in charge of the oil and petrodollar "Kingdom" at this crucial historic time?

To Damn or to Applaud "Speaker Burg"
(February 15, 2002)
The very notion these days of simply "trusting" anyone associated with the Israeli political establishment or more specifically in this case Israel's Labor Party is pretty difficult -- there's such a long history of deceit and mistrust, and such good reasons.

WAR! U.S. and Israel Will Take On Both Iraq and Iran
(February 14, 2002)
Flushed with their "victory" against the primitive Muslim "Taliban" (students) of Afghanistan, the new name of the game for the new Washington -- run more than ever now by the oil companies, the Pentagon/CIA, and the military-industrial-banking complex -- is "regime change".

Arafat Screams "Israeli spy! CIA agent!" at Rajoub
(February 13, 2002)
Jibril Rajoub is not just an "Arafat aide". He's actually the main guy in charge of the West Bank for the "Palestinian Authority", groomed for some time now by both the Americans and the Israelis to possibly take over for Arafat and to help force his people into submission with his thuggish bruttish ways.

Musharraf Panders; Arafat Crippled
(February 13, 2002)
You'd have to be really crazy to buy a used car from Shimon Peres, or even to take it for free as in all likelihood the expensive repairs it would require would be more than it was worth. The idea of buying Peres' warmed over doubly-castrated "peace plan" and "Palestinian State" is even more foolish.

Arafat Slaps and Whips Out His Gun
(February 13, 2002)
The new Intifada, and then the events of 911, have spawned a variety of new press and Internet outlets of various kinds. The aim of many is to try to maintain some control of the information flow to certain constituencies, to "spin" the news in the direction of their sponsors, and to push their own analysts and "experts" onto radio and TV programs.

TV Arabs: Fouad, James, and Clovis - MER FlashBack
(February 12, 2002)
Why have things gotten so depressingly miserable when it comes to mass media coverage of the Middle East, especially in the United States? There is no single answer, no magic bullet solution. The answer is quite complex and multi-faceted in fact.

Kashmir - More Killed and Tortured than in Palestine
(February 12, 2002)
Just like in the once Holy Land, the politically cancerous situation in Kashmir has been left unresolved by the international community and has now become dangerously life-threatening.

911 Was Really 'Massive Blown Back'
(February 11, 2002)
"The course that Sharon, Bush and his British cheerleader, Tony Blair seem set upon will probably in the long run destabilize the Arab moderates, to the delight of the reactionary regimes in Syria, Iraq and Iran and the only true beneficiaries will once again be the extremists and the terrorists."

Standing Ovation for Mark Bruzonsky at University of Chicago
(February 9, 2002)
In Chicago the evening of 31 January 2002 Mark Bruzonsky, Publisher of MER, gave the keynote address at the University of Chicago Model United Nations. For the first time in the history of the keynote talks at this annual event the speaker received a prolonged standing ovation.

Jordanian King Takes Desperate Gamble To Retain Power
(February 8, 2002)
Trying to save the final Hashemite throne, the Royal regime in Jordan has decided to get even more in bed with the U.S. and Israel than ever before. It may work and the final Hashemite regime in power after enthronment by the British and the CIA in the last century may survive for the time being.

Washington Scene - Arab and Muslim "Client Orgs" Totally Lacking in Credibility
(February 8, 2002)
Ariel Sharon is on his fourth visit to Washington since both he and George Bush II took power. It is a War Council, coming at a time of unprecedented danger (Sharon clearly sees opportunity), coming at a time when he finally has Yasser Arafat, now the titular figurehead of the Palestinian people, under a newfangled form of town arrest in Ramallah with tanks pointing in his direction just a stone throw away.

"Transfer" the Palestinians Say Many Israelis
(February 7, 2002)
The Moledet party's media blitz for the mass expulsion of Palestinians is gaining momentum.

Triumphant Sharon
(February 7, 2002)
Ariel Sharon has arrived in Washington triumphant as many never believed could or would happen in their worst political nightmares. He may well be the single man who has had more influence on the Arab-Israeli conflict, and on the history of the entire region, than any other.

King Prostrates Jordan for More U.S. Money and "Support"
(February 6, 2002)
King Abdullah II, born of a British mother, Anglo-American educated including at the Jesuit Center of Georgetown University, and essentially enthroned with the help of the CIA (aided by Princeton grad daughter of the former head of Pan American Airlines, Lisa Halaby, reincarnated as Queen Noor), has been ever so helpful to the Americans as now since he was enthrowed as the former long-time Crown Prince was overthrown.

(February 6, 2002)

Lie To Them And They Will Come
(February 5, 2002)
For the holidaymaker in search of a sun-soaked Mediterranean beach away from the crowds, Gush Katif sounds ideal. Or so thinks Israel's hardline tourism minister, Binyamin Elon.

Killing and Refusing
(February 5, 2002)
There is a great deal of moral twisting and turning and cover-up going on among the Israelis; and oh so necessary however late in the day. This article in today's Ha'aretz gives the impression that torturing and shooting to death many Palestinians in cold-blood is something new or rare.

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(February 16, 2002)

Israel sets up Iran as next target for the US
(February 8, 2002)

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