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Lies About "Peace" and a "Palestinian State" - Then and Now

December 1, 2001

FLASHBACK: 1978 - 1984

"Palestinian State" Promised By Another American President Long Ago With Disastrous Results for the Palestinians, the Arabs, and the Muslims


MID-EAST REALITIES - MER - www.MiddleEast.Org - Washington - 12/01/01: More than twenty years ago now another American President was promising a complete "settlement freeze" and a "transitional period" leading to a "Palestinian State". The notion that George W. Bush is doing so for the first time, sui generis, is not only blatantly historically fallacious but downright disingenuous. Since then the Americans have pumped more than $100 billion into Israel, not to mention all the death and destruction that was nurtured and ignited by that earlier period in history, now forgotten by many. And now the "Palestinian State" being so duplicitously advocated is not even one that would benefit the Palestinian people -- rather it is one of Israeli/American design complete with imposed police-state regime and apartheid-style restrictions designed to permanently corral the fractured Palestinian people onto controlled reservations while ending their historical rights as previously detailed in dozens of U.N. resolutions going back to 1948.
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