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MIDDLEEAST.ORG - MER - Washington - 30 October: Who would have imagined on 9/11 more than three years ago now that the top front-page story in the Washington Post Saturday before the 2004 election would be a picture of Osama Bin Laden addressing the American people! Reality keeps trumping fiction time after time in our era!

Interesting, some might say ironically, today's Washington Post also includes a major story about the American Secretary of State 'negotiating' with the Israelis about what a 'settlement freeze' means, pretending as has been done for decades now that the Israeli land-grab enthic-cleansing isn't meant to be permanent and that the 'official' policy of bringing about a real Palestinian State has any credibility left in it.

Way back at the time of the first Camp David agreement between Israel and Egypt in 1978, the Israelis, vouched for by the Americans, promised to immediately and competely 'freeze' settlements and 'allow' a Palestininian State.

That was 25 years ago; Osama Bin Laden was then a junior member of one of the most prominent Saudi families, and the future that has come to be could have been prevented if only the U.S. and Israel hadn't spoken with such forked tongues and acted with such duplicitous designs.

Few Middle East realities have been heard during this long grueling American election campaign. Most of the rhetoric has been extraordinarily self-righteous and self-serving, disingenuous and dishonest. Sad and tragic as it is to have to say, for many in the Middle East and around the world beyond American shores, tactics aside, the words of Osama Bin Laden ring more true to their experience and perspective regarding U.S. foreign policy than those of either George Bush or John Kerry.

And where this is all leading another 25 years from now...or indeed just one or five years from now...gets more scary to contemplate all the time.

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