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MER is now looking for a literary agent and a publishing house. For nearly ten years MER has been producing unique TV programs and publishing exclusive commentary and analysis about the Middle East with a special focus on the realities of U.S. and Western involvement in the region.

With events in the Middle East now gripping the headlines, with another round in the Israeli-Palestinian 'Peace Process' now at hand, and with the crusading 'neocons' firmly empowered in Washington, serious book publication on these subjects is more timely and more needed than ever.

We have a unique compendium of exclusive MER articles, plus program and speech transcriptions, in addition to a number of
highly qualified individual expert authors, which we are now interested in publishing.

Please contact MER right away at MER@MiddleEast.org or call anytime 202 362-5266 or special press number 202 Number1 (202 686-2371)*.

If you are not yourself involved in book publishing but have friends and contacts who are please feel tell them about MER and please email us your specific suggestions. 3 December 2004

* Call at any time as if we are unable to answer your call immediately your message will be quickly received or forwarded if necessary so we can usually get back to you within the hour.

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