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Stumbling, Bumbling 'Arabist' Ambassadors Play to the Cameras

Mid-East Realities - MER - www.MiddleEast.Org - 9 August 2004:

The visibly aging Arabist Ambassadors of Washington took a little junket over to beleagued Palestine this summer compliments of the Arafat regime. The little incestuous group is associated with what is called the Council for the National Interest (CNI) which is associated with the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs. It's been the same names for a long time now -- Killgore, Curtiss, Bird, and a couple more former Ambassadorial unknowns who went along for the ride.

They got their pictures taken again with Yasser in Ramallah, were too fearful to even visit Gaza, didn't know any Israelis even in the 'peace camp' to contact, and took some more photos of the wall and the checkpoints and themselves...the usual thing. They got back to Washington, called all their few friends, rented a big room at the National Press Club, got C-span to send a camera and gave a few hand-wringing speeches....the usual thing. But in this case, nobody came. Other than a couple of friends only about a dozen people showed up leaving the room mostly one of a large numbers of empty chairs. Other than one unknown free-lance journalist wanting to know about the influence of Jesus Christ on today's situation in the once Holy Land no one even had any questions to ask of them.

It was about a week ago that the stumbling bumbling 'Arabist' Ambassadors in Washington put on this latest little show down at the National Press Club in the Edward R. Murrow Room. Those watching on TV from afar might have thought something was up. Hardly so however. Not even the captive Arab journalists in town show up for these guys anymore. And since they have next to no impact on what's going on in Washington, and since hardly anyone of note is even interested in coming to their 'press conferences', none of this would even merit much comment except for this important reality:

It was about twenty years ago now, and more than $20 million dollars ago as well, that this same little group came on the scene with very expensive advertising and p.r. campaigns that have all come to naught... thanks at the time to the royal Saudis and associates. Then, and still now, they promised to establish an important and serious 'lobby' in Washington to counter the powerful Israeli-Jewish lobby. It has all been a total failure burning up crucial years, large sums of money, and precious hope, even as the Middle East continues to bleed in rage and Washington becomes a fortress city under siege mentality.

After all these now wasted years, and after all this now-squandered money -- and even with all that has happened including 9/11, the Iraqi war, and the Palestinian Intifada -- the 'Arabist' Ambassadors in Washington are weaker and more incestuous, less influential and less credible, then when they started. Yet oh how they continue to pretend otherwise so tragically continuing to mislead so many well-meaning naive people who simply don't know better the real details of what has been and what is now the real situation in today's Washington.

The following two MER flashbacks to earlier times help put this all in context:


Saudi Propaganda
in America

This week's LIE OF THE WEEK goes to an entire feature section in the publication WASHINGTON REPORT ON MIDDLE EAST AFFAIRS. Published with considerable encouragement and support from the Arab establishment, especially the Saudis, this publication is in actuality a sophisticated propaganda vehicle with the primary purpose of distorting coverage of Middle East affairs in ways to the benefit and liking of the kings, royal families and "client-regimes" who rule, oppress, and squander the resources of the region.

These quotes from the September 1995 issue of WASHINGTON REPORT ON MIDDLE EAST AFFAIRS -- with pictures of past and present Saudi Kings adorning the top page of the extensive cover featuring the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:




Plus a gushing book review by former U.S. government official and Washington Report Editor Richard Curtiss of "DESSERT WARRIOR" By HRH (that's "His Royal Highness" if anyone is wondering) GENERAL KHALED BIN SULTAN.

In the old colonial bastion, England, the wealthy Arab establishment has its exclusive, lavish dining clubs; its extensive lists of readily available women; a variety of political and journalistic hacks to do its bidding; and the publication MIDDLE EAST INTERNATIONAL to try to twist things their way among academics and intellectuals.

In the new superpower, America, the same fat-cat Arab establishment -- increasingly self-centered, increasingly parasitic, and increasingly despicable -- led by a group of Saudi businessmen along with members of the Royal family, and working in tandem with old-line State Department Arabists at the American Educational Trust (AET), also has their publication, this one seductively known as WASHINGTON REPORT ON MIDDLE EAST AFFAIRS.

Many publications accept features of paid advertising from governments, and sometimes corporations -- identifying them as such. But there's no need for the Saudis to purchase a paid advertising section, and to so label it, when it comes to the WASHINGTON REPORT -- for what appears in its pages is practically the very same thing masquerading as journalism and information.

If we had a "Lie Of The Year", for the current cover feature WASHINGTON REPORT would definitely be nominated...and would be likely to win! No doubt former Ambassador Andy Killgore (now Publisher of WASHINGTON REPORT) and Dick Curtiss (Executive Editor) have rushed copies to the Gulf to show off to their patrons and benefactors.



MER - Washington - 9/21/97:
Certain things don't get publicly published very much in today's Washington; but behind-the-scenes the talking about these matters can be quite substantial. After all there are some rules of the Washington road if you want to ever cover the White House or the Pentagon for the national media; not to mention if you want to be invited to the annual National Press Club dinner! Among these usually unpublished matters are details of the CIA's involvement in such key areas as the Middle East, along with the names of those -- both individuals and institutions -- who work closely with the CIA and/or are agents of "the Agency". The recent notoriety of Lebanese oil-man Roger Tamraz has unusually lifted the CIA veil abit. The popular media hasn't said too much about it, but it seems that for more than 20 years Mr. Tamraz has been a "CIA asset" providing considerable inside information and gossip about many things going on in the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Russia.
The CIA tried dutifully to keep this part of Tamraz's dealings secret; but bits and pieces have leaked out. The larger reality is that Washington is in fact seeded with persons thought to be connected to the CIA in one way or another; and whose careers or business interests it seems have been rewarded accordingly.
One need not be an actual card-carrying agent entitled to a pension; there are plenty of less direct ways to be "connected" to the Agency in today's Washington; as the case of Mr. Tamraz makes clear.
There's the notorious Judith Kipper, now at the Center for Strategic and International Studies after various jaunts and assignments taking her repeatedly to the Middle East since the 1970s. Among other things she is thought to hold the recent record for sleeping with Arab diplomats and officials hoping to squeeze what she could out of them. Kipper is Jewish and there is also much suspicion her connections extend to Mossad, which of course closely cooperates with the CIA, and which has a long history of using woman and sex to get what it wants. As for CSIS, it was once connected to Georgetown University, but more than a decade ago the stink became too prevalent and Georgetown said good bye insisting that its name be taken off the door.
Then there's Jim Zogby of the "Arab-American Institute", long suspected, along with others in his family, of having ties of various kinds to the CIA over a long period of time. And indeed, Zogby has a long list of actions and interventions that not so surprisingly conform to what the Americans have wanted said and done over the years. Considerable money has flowed to Zogby and his Institute -- which incidentally is widely despised in many Arab American circles -- in the recent "Peace Process" years. Among so many other similar things, Zogby was quick to publicly applaud the Clinton Administration back in its first months for appointing such "even-handed" officials to deal with the Middle East, including former Israeli lobbyist Martin Indyk, now Assistant Secretary of State for the Middle East!
And one should add to the list former government officials Andrew Killgore and Dick Curtiss who in a sense masquerade these days as independent publishers of a monthly publication known as WASHINGTON REPORT ON MIDDLE EAST AFFAIRS while in actuality they are suspected of continuing to work closely at times with both the State Department and the CIA, as well as with a number of key Arab "client regimes", most especially the Saudis who have quietly provided them considerable funds over the years.
All this is just the proverbial tip of the iceberg of course. And it should not be very surprising that hard irrefutable "evidence" is quite hard if not impossible to come by -- such things are considered "national security" and very highly classified. In recent years the CIA has even taken to destroying records regarding the Middle East rather than risking their becoming public even many decades later.
Even so, over many years the circumstantial evidence in some cases becomes practically overwhelming; and the fact that these matters are openly talked about privately by Washington insiders is as well-known as the affair the new Secretary of State is said to be having with her youngish press spokesman (something else you're not likely to find clearly mentioned in The Washington Post or on the News Hour). Incidentally, the CIA has become very active in recent years in Gaza and the West Bank, and key persons associated with Yasser Arafat's "Authority", including Nabil Shaath and Jabril Rajoub, are known to have close and growing connections with "The Agency".

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