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Comments about journalist
Sy Hersh of Washington

Important articles and exclusive insights like this would not be easily available, or oftentimes available at all, but for MER. From the beginning we've been saying "News, Views, & Analysis Governments, Lobbies, & the Corporate Media Don't Want You to Know". And "If you don't get MER, you just don't get it!".

These Readers' Comments this week concern the recent MER article about Washington journalist Seymour Hersh and his recent interviews and talks about his new book Chain of Command:

"I saw him (Hersh) speak last fall in a big anti-nuclear
war panel
on the history of nuclear threats and he
(and no one else)
ever even mentioned Israel's many
nuclear weapons or
threats and two of us in the audience
had to bring it up... And
he's the AUTHOR of the Samson
Option on their (Israel's)
nuclear weapons program that
includes such 'Samson
Option' threats!"
- Carol Moore, Washington

Mark Bruzonsky's (MER) analysis below is right on target.
Hersh turns out to be a unique mixture of someone who at
one at the same time points to Israeli responsibility and
disguises it. Here we see him pointing ludicrously to Iran
instead of Israel as being behind the Iraq war as if people
like Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Feith, Cheney et al , people who
are evidently working in Israel's interest, didn't exist. It's
too weird. Hersh's book on Israel's nuclear arsenal, The
Sampson Option at one and the same time exposes Israel
and justifies their nuclear policies, as if he's aware of the
heat that he will take from the usual suspects.
- Ronald Bleir, New York

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