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MIDDLEEAST.ORG - MER - Washington - 12 October:
It is now confirmed that AOL -- one of the largest internet service providers -- is blocking and censoring MER. Persons who subscribe to MER using an AOL email address can not receive MER -- it is being secretly censored from their mailboxes by AOL without notice of any kind.
It is believed persons working for AOL may be censoring MER in coordination with Jewish Zionist groups. It may be that AOL has a special relationship with Jewish.com and other Israeli-connected groups in some way. It is all being done in secret with no notice of any kind to either AOL users or MER.
A few of the messages we have received from AOL subscribers to MER follow:

Note: If you have friends who use AOL please forward this to them as otherwise it will probably not reach them. MER articles are sent only to those who have subscribed for free from their own individual email accounts and are verified to have done so.

I have been wondering for the past month or so why I didn't
receive MER. A media analyst in my newspaper, the Stavanger
Aftenblad of Norway, wonders what exactly has been happening.
Would you be able to elaborate?
Best regards,
Ingeborg Eliassen

Is boycotting aol a possibility?
greetings from israel 
Tal Haran

[Copy of email to AOL]

I subscribe to the newsletter Mid-East Realities, MER, which I normally receive by e-mail regularly every day. If AOL has blocked MER again I request that AOL unblock it immediately.
I hope that AOL is not deliberately blocking MER again on the pretext that it is Spam, because some politically motivate groups do not want the interested American people to read the truth in MER about events that concern them, as was done before earlier this year. Reportedly, earlier this year a particular group in America supportive of Israel which did not like what was in the MER Newsletter about Israel, demanded that AOL block MER in America...
I have not received one single e-mail from MER for some time now...
I have checked with friend who use AOL and live in my hometown Walnut Creek, California and they also are not receiving the MER Newsletter.
I have contacted a friend in Canada and they are receiving the MER Newsletter.
Earlier this year AOL Censored, blocked and deleted the same Mid-East Realities newsletter for a long period of time. I called AOL about this to find out why I was not receiving by e-mail the Mid-East Realities newsletter. I was passed from one AOL department to another , such as CAT, the Postmaster, etc. Everyone I talked to professed ignorance regarding the action taken by AOL against MER. I persisted for an answer and eventualy was told by AOL personnel that they had received complaints about Mid-East Realities being Spam and or containing Viruses and the group of people complaining had asked that Mid-East Realities be blocked.
I informed AOL Personnel that this was absolutely untrue because because you have to request from MER to have the the Mid-East Realities Newsletter sent to you. I also told AOL that in all of the years I have been receiving MER it never contained any viruses.
I requested of AOL that Mid-East realites be unblocked. AOL refused to do so telling me to have the publisher of Mid-East Realites call AOL. I was even arrogantly told that AOL can delete, censor and block anything AOL wants without any justification. I refuse to believe that even the mighty AOL can do that without probable cause at it would violate my Constitutionally guaranteed rights and those rights of other Americans using AOL.
I then contacted the Publisher of Mid-East Realites and discussed the situation with him. He informed me that many other AOL subscribers in America had complained that they also were not receving MER. He had contacted AOL requesting that MER be unblocked but was rebuffed by AOL.
I believe that AOL eventually unblocked MER only after receiving many complaints from AOL subscribers.
Please un block MER and stop censoring it if indeed that is what you are doing again.
With best regards,
Dr. Arthur F. Billy

Yes, AOL has blocked things from MER for at least a month, perhaps two. I receive MER on Yahoo, so I haven't missed anything.
Anthony D. Heaner

They [AOL] have been blocking you from my computer again for a month now. Please try and get me back on your list again. Thank you,

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