COME is an independent association of professors and experts who have come together to occassionally speak up collectively about developments in the Middle East and policies toward
the Middle East.  The persons on the COME Advisory Committee follows, as does a listing
of COME Statements.  In association with but functioning independently is MID-EAST REALITIES.
Articles and editorials published by MER should be attributed either to the individual authors or to
MER, they have not been specifically endorsed by COME.

COME Advisory Committee
If you are interested in becoming involved with COME
please email to COME@MiddleEast.Org or call 202 362-5266:
COME Advisory Committee: Ms. Arab Abdel-Hadi - Cairo; Professor Nahla Abdo - Carleton University (Ottawa); Professor Elmoiz Abunura - University of North Carolina (Ashville); Professor Jane Adas - Rutgers University (NJ); Oroub Alabed - World Food Program (Amman); Professor Faris Albermani - University of Queensland (Australia); Professor Jabbar Alwan, DePaul University (Chicago); Professor Alex Alland, Columbia University (New York); Professor Abbas Alnasrawi - University of Vermont (Burlington); Professor Michael Astour - University of Southern Illinois; Professor Mohammad Auwal - CSULA (CA); Virginia Baron - Guilford, CT.; Professor Mohammed Benayoune - Sultan Qaboos University (Oman); Professor Charles Black - Emeritus Yale University Law School; Professor Francis O. Boyle, University of Illinois Law School (Champlain); Mark Bruzonsky - COME Chairperson (Washington); Linda Brayer - Ex. Dir., Society of St. Ives (Jerusalem); Professor Frank Cohen - SUNY Binghamton;Professor Noam Chomsky - Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge); Ramsey Clark - Former U.S. Attorney General (New York); John Cooley - Author, Cyprus; Professor Mustafah Dhada - School of International Affairs, Clark Atlanta University; Zuhair Dibaja - Research Fellow, University of Helsinki; Professor Mohamed El-Hodiri - University of Kansas; Professor Richard Falk - Princeton University; Professor Ali Ahmed Farghaly - University of Michigan (Ann Arbor); Professor Ali Fatemi - American University (Paris); Michai Freeman - Berkeley; Professor S.M. Ghazanfar - University of Idaho (Chair, Economics Dept); Professor Kathrn Green - California State University (San Bernadino); Professor M. Hassounda - Valdosta College (GA);  Professor Clement Henry - University of Texas (Austin); Professor Herbert Hill - University of Wisconsin (Madison); Professor Asaf Hussein - U.K.; Yudit Ilany - Jerusalem; Professor George Irani - Lebanese American University (Beirut); Tahir Jaffer - Nairobi, Kenya; David Jones - Editor, New Dawn Magazine, Australia; Professor Elie Katz - Sonoma State University, CA; Professor George Kent - University of Hawaii; Professor Ted Keller - San Francisco State University, Emeritus; John F. Kennedy - Attorney at Law, Washington;Samaneh Khader - Gruadate Student in Theology, University of Helsinki; Professor Ebrahim Khoda - University of Western Australia; Guida Leicester, San Francisco; Jeremy Levin - Former CNN Beirut Bureau Chief (Portland); Professor Seymour Melman - Columbia University (New York); Dr. Avi Melzer - Frankfurt; Professor Alan Meyers - Boston University; Professor Michael Mills - Vista College (Berkeley, CA); Kamram Mofrad - Idaho; Shahab Mushtaq - Knox College; Professor Minerva Nasser-Eddine - University of Adelaide (Australia); Professor Peter Pellett - University of Massachussetts (Amherst); Professor Max Pepper, M.D. - University of Massachusetts (Amherst); Professor Ruud Peters - Universiteit van Amsterdam; Professor Glenn Perry - Indiana State University; Professor Tanya Reinhart - Tel Aviv University; Professor Knut Rognes - Stavanger College (Norway); Professor Masud Salimian - Morgan State University (Baltimore); Professor Mohamed Salmassi - University of Massachusetts; Qais Saleh - Graduate Student, International University (Japan); Ali Saidi - J.D. candidate in international law (Berkeley, CA); Dr. Eyad Sarraj - Gaza, Occupied Palestine; Henry Schwarzschild - New York (original co-founder - deceased); Professor Herbert Schiller - University of California (San Diego); Frank Scott - writer, Marin County (CA); Peter Shaw-Smith - Journalist, London; David Shomar - New York; Dr. Manjra Shuaib - CapeTown (South Africa); Robert Silverman - Montreal; Professor J. David Singer - University of Michigan (Ann Arbor); Professor Majid Tehranian - Director Toda Institute for Global Peace and Policy (University of Hawaii); Dr. Marlyn Tadros - Deputy Director, Legal Research and Resource Center for Human Rights (Cairo); Professor John Williams - William and Mary College; Ismail Zayid, M.D. - Dalhousi University (CA).Identifications are only for purposes of identification; only individuals are associated.
 COME Statement of Principles
 COME Statement "Do Not Bomb Iraq"



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