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3 US Soldiers Killed in Iraq Battle
Iran 'committed' to stability in Iraq
US Commander in Iraq Faults Marine Response to Haditha Killings
Call for timetable for pullout of troops from Iraq
There is no winning in Iraq
FACTBOX-Developments in Iraq on July 8
American al Qaeda member lambastes US troops
3 US soldiers killed in Iraq
Filmmaker sues over detention in Iraq


Arinç urges Israeli counterpart to ease worsening crisis
Palestine-Israel hostage crisis can end peacefully: China's envoy
Palestine’s PM Calls for Gaza Strip Cease-Fire
Solution to Palestine-Israel Conflict Is Political: Palestine’s ...
Analysis: Health care crisis in Palestine
Protesters rally in front of UN head quarters
UN chief calls for ceasefire in Gaza
Palestinian, Israeli supporters hold opposing rallies in LA
Laham condemns Israeli inhuman practices in Palestine


Israel rejects call for ceasefire
Iran’s president warns of Islamic “explosion” over Israel in ...
Who cries for Palestine?
PA Blames Israel for Shajaiyeh Fatalities
Arinc calls on Israel to be constructive in ending Mideast crisis
Grappling with the Israel enigma
Israeli raid kills three Palestinians
Editorial roundup for the week of July 2-8
Israel to Re-Occupy Former Settlements
Solution to Palestine-Israel Conflict Is Political: Palestine’s ...

Security Council

Israeli Gaza Commander: ‘We Are Determined to Create Chaos’ ...
Lavrov calls for unified stance in Security Council
Bush says UN Security Council must condemn North Korea
Annan Urges UN Security Council To Take Stand On Gaza Crisis
CARICOM backs Venezuela in Security Council Board
Venezuela gets backing for UN council seat
New UN Draft Resolution on N. Korea Retains Sanctions Threat
Security Council press statement on Central African Republic
Qatar demands end to offensive in draft UN Council resolution


Arafat shows the way back into contention
Thoughts on the Israeli Incursion into Gaza
Who cries for Palestine?
Two fighters killed in Gaza’s Arafat International Airport
Arafat reinforces the value of Sussex's Pakistan connection
Arafat targets a cup double
Pauline Prescott according to Hugo Rifkind

United Nations

The United Nations’ Human Rights Council passed a resolution ...
N. Korea Says It Wants Its Money Back, Then It'll Talk
Did the United Nations Expose the SWIFT Program?
Motion Seeks Repeat of 2005 United Nations
Better Talk Now sets sights on repeat win in United Nations
United Nations Security Council (UNSC)
Reform – Not More Revenue – Is Needed By The United Nations
UN approves modest management reforms by consensus


Orascom, Emaar eye Egypt site
Etisalat to spend $1bn in Egypt
Global Intelligence Leaders Prove Egypt as a Smart Shoring ...
Egypt's Mubarak attends graduation of Air Defence Academy
insights into the world / Bush's high goals reach low point
Call for timetable for pullout of troops from Iraq
Egyptian FM stresses on Iraq national unity
Egypt delving into the online tourism industry

Ariel Sharon

Former Chief of Staff: Sharon's Disengagement a Disaster
Join me in praying for Ariel Sharon
Diplomacy: Dressed for action?
Three political remarks and the three state solution
Dragging Israel to ICJ?
Europe should stop patronising Africa
What Can Be Learned From the International Gay Pride Parade
Without recognizing the common humanity of Israelis and ...
The vicious circle of violence


'SAFTA has no provision for MFN status to India'
Heat wave kills 49 in Pakistan
Lists being prepared to release caged Women in Pakistan
Pakistan seamers check England A
Pakistan arrests eight for sectarian violence
Hoggard in injury scare
Pakistan, Japan discuss Disarmament, non-Proliferation
Pakistan, Japan agree to curb proliferation


Syria and the International Tribunal
Elias Hrawi, 80, Ex-Chief of Lebanon, Is Dead
Lahoud stresses keenness to Establish Best Relations with Syria
Iran says “terrorists” should not be let into Iraq
Arab officials scramble to bridge Lebanon-Syria gap
Four years later, no-fly list remains grounded
Turkey’s mediation attempt in Middle Eastern Conflict


Iran's Pres. calls for 'removal of Zionist regime'
Iran says "terrorists" should not be let into Iraq
Iran says "terrorists" should not be let into Iraq
EU upbeat after talks on Iran nuclear standoff
Negotiation key to Iranian crisis say Swiss
Turkey can play role in Iran's nuclear standoff: El-Baradei
Hard-liners organise march against Israel in Iran capital
Iran-Armenia ink 7 MoUs on energy
Iran: A women sentenced to death by stoning
Call for release of Iran's political prisoners


Babacan: Turkey to Send Letter of Intent to IMF Today
Cyprus leaders agree to revive talks
Turkey creates its own crisis
Iran, Turkey stress boosting of mutual cooperation
VoIP expands in Mideast
Rice praises Turkey -- complying with US demands on Syria
How a better Middle East would look
Caspian gas may flow to Europe
Responding to 'turkey slap' culture


Iraq to invite majors for oil deals this year
‘Interest on loans issue will be discussed in 1st session’ ...
Fire in Kuwait on Friday - Two Firemen Injured
Mottaki Describes Iraq's Status Quo as Critical
Jazeera Airways receives 4th aircraft
Jazeera airways receives its fourth Airbus aircraft
Kuwait safe from salmonella scare


Elias Hrawi, 80, Ex-Chief of Lebanon, Is Dead
Lebanon to send extremist back to Australia
Lebanon arrests suspect with plot to bomb New York tunnel
Petitions seek three recalls in New Lebanon
The New York Jihad flood starts in Lebanon?
Central Bank Licenses First Russian Bank to Operate in Lebanon ...
School cleared in handling of explicit ranking list
Lebanon may sell telecom division to Cincinnati Bell

Paul Bremer

Immunity law review urged
The Washington Post’s War-mongering Scribe
Abd al-Aziz al-Hakim: The Interview
We owe this Iraqi mother
Iraqi oil union bank account frozen
Former regime said at core of insurgency
Inspector general stresses Iraq spending accountability
Debriefing Ollie North

Kofi Annan

On eve of World Cup final, Annan extols football
As Gaza Situation Continues to Deteriorate, Annan Urges Security ...
Annan Urges All Sides in Georgia to Build on February's Meeting
Annan to Israel: Show restraint
Why the youths agree with Kofi Annan
Liberia: Kofi Annan Gets Liberia's Highest Honor
Liberia: 16-Casket Greeting For Kofi Annan
Kofi Annan speaks on Liberia's war crimes court
Liberia: UL Establishes Kofi Annan Institute of Peace


Saddam's former judge heads for dock himself
Maliki digs up the hatchet
Baghdad water plant OK but delivery hard
In Arabs’ Eyes, the US Is on Trial, Not Hussein
Saddam lawyers invoke international criminal court
Iraq Looks to Arab States to Help End Violence
Iraqis tuning in to sectarian stations


Peter Feith May Be Next UNMIK Head
Power plants getting clean-up
Muslim Converts in Terrorism - Coincidence or Vilification
Shooting shatters Aceh peace
Home » General » AMM regrets shooting incident in North...
One former separatist killed in shooting in Aceh
Hayden Corrects the Record
Cheney's Halliburton Paradigm for Fraud

North Korea

North Korea Knows How to Get Attention
How far is North Korea from perfecting the Taepodong-2?
US Sends Missile Destroyer To Japan
US says backs North Korea nuclear talks
Missile tests have isolated N Korea: Bush
RI envoy meets North Korea's No. 2 leader amid missile crisis
UN could vote on North Korea tomorrow
US, Japan press for unity to punish North Korea
China, US discuss North Korea nuclear issue
North Korea may fire more missiles

Daniel Pipes

Daniel Pipes: New York police use profiling effectively while ...
Daniel Pipes: Non-Western immigration 'almost like an invasion'
Ayoon Wa Azan (Pipes' Obsessions and Angers)
Daniel Pipes writes in The Evening Bulletin:
Ayoon Wa Azan (He Knows How to Not Bark…He Doesn't Know How to ...
Ayoon Wa Azan (A Muslim Accusing all Jews Would be As Racist As ...
Ayoon Wa Azan (Pipes False Fabrications)
The Vatican Confronts Islam
The Vatican Confronts Islam

Civil Disobedience

Yanukovich calls for being ready for acts of civil disobedience
Civil disobedience threat ends in oblivion
Guingona threatens civil disobedience
Solons lament ex-VP’s civil disobedience call
Civil disobedience threat shrugged off
Spokesman denies Bush civil disobedience
Civil disobedience banta ni Guingona
A nation under suspicion: Time for civil disobedience


Researching impact of apartheid in urban South Africa
Of exile, apartheid and reconciliation
The Zionist Apartheid Regime of Israel Must Be Disbanded Now!
The other face of Mandela
Bil'in Demonstrators Keep the Beat
SA’s top cartoonist sticks to his crayons


A matter of opinion
Beilin: ‘Ask Abbas for an Exceptional Effort’ for Release of ...
MK Beilin: Olmert's Trip to Europe a Waste, Roadmap is Dead
Beilin: Israel should agree to complete cease fire
MK Yossi Beilin Attacks Convergence Plan
Israel headed for a quagmire in Gaza
Israel Is Bogged Down in Gaza. Where is the US?


Diana Assassination Conspiracy:Ex-MI6 Agent Raided
Diana Connection:Ex-MI6 Richard Tomlinson Arrested
Police raid Riviera home of former MI6 officer
Report From MI6 Game Marketing Conference, Day 2
CIA and MI6 join manhunt for fugitive general
MI6: First Marketing Games Conference Kicks Off
Wes Craven And Video Games: From the MI6 Game Marketing conference
MI6 warns of Iran threat to UK


Dershowitz Contradicts Himself on the Power of the Israel Lobby
Alan Dershowitz: Apologist For Inhumanity
Alan Dershowitz: Abu M. Zarqawi
dershowitz and 'I'...were both wrong...
Err America: Ed Schultz, You're Off-Course With Lieberman
by Alan M Dershowitz
REVIEW : Creating a rubric for pre-emptive war

Richard Perle

A New "Perle Harbor": Neocon Foreign Policy Architect Richard ...
Double (Nuclear) Standards Institute
Hawk Hubris
Muslim Converts in Terrorism - Coincidence or Vilification
Praises for Turkish Democracy from Chief Neo-Con
Iranian student leader visits LA to unite opposition groups
The Monitor Group Announces the Recent Appointment of Mr. Richard ...
On Second Thought: Hollinger 'Victory' Not Looking So Clear
Perle's Wisdom


IAEA: Ample time for diplomatic solution on Iran
Efforts to Strengthen IAEA Safeguards Advance
IAEA, Leading Nations Push for Fuel Assurances
Iran holds off on nuclear answer
Chairman of electric company relieved of his duties
ElBaradei calls for reducing weapons grade uranium stocks
ElBaradei Sees US-Iran Talks as Step Toward Ending Stalemate
ElBaradei’s call for making Pakistan and Israel nonproliferation ...
IAEA Chairman ElBaradei due in Turkey for July Nuclear Energy ...

John Bolton

Aiming John Bolton At North Korea
Dealing with North Korea may prove tricky
Who needs Fox News when you have John Bolton?
Ambassodor John Bolton: Either Iran will acquiesce or it will face ...
Sack John Bolton, or at least muzzle him
John Bolton a 'right-winger,' but no label for Dep UN Sec-Gen
John Bolton a ‘Right-Winger’ But No Label for Dep UN Sec-Gen



Mid-East Realities

Juiced Numbers III: The Interventional Takedown


Israeli tanks close in on Gaza City
Israeli incursion leaves fear and loathing in Gaza
Dublin rally to protest at Israeli offensive in Gaza
Israel offers prisoners if kidnapped corporal is freed
Dozens of US citizens leave Gaza
As Gaza Situation Continues to Deteriorate, Annan Appeals
MADRE Calls for Immediate Halt to Israeli Invasion of Gaza
End of Illusions
UK urges US to pressure Israel to end Gaza violence

Tony Blair

Muslim leaders say anger at Iraq war undimmed
Olympics celebration marred by cost concerns
Blair wants GB football team
Tony Blair to BBC: Muslims Must Defeat Extremists
David Cameron more Popular than Tony Blair
At-a-glance: MPs grill Tony Blair


MP calls for explanation on joint patrols
EU Parliament demands to know more about secret US programs
Europe needs to adapt to China's rise: EU commissioner
EU farmers get another subsidy
EU hits out at excessive use of force
Larijani Stresses Boosting of Ties with Spain
Iran talks in Brussels a 'good start': EU diplomat
EU says disputed Mexico vote fair
'UK must make EU keep its promises to Africa'


Tokyo‘s Haneda airport suspends flights
Tokyo markets follow Wall Street upward
North Korea threatens 'stronger actions' as Tokyo imposes ...
200 million yen seen lost on unused rooms
Missiles bring down Tokyo shares
Tokyo, Seoul stock exchanges to deepen cooperation - report
Tokyo shares close mixed; investors wary of US payroll data ...
Asian Stocks Drop This Week on Missile Tests; Hyundai Falls
Court orders lung disease payout

de Borchgrave

Commentary: The impossible dream
Greek American Membership Organizations¢ 2006 Policy Statement on ...
Viewpoint: Mideast peace an impossible dream
Hawala: Swifter than SWIFT?
Middle Ages redux?
In defense of the New York Times
[WT??]Stop the world; some want to get off
Putin, Iran, and the Caucasus
Commentary: Iran`s pony express

Robert Fisk

Robert Fisk: How racism has invaded Canada
Robert Fisk: Zarqawi's End is Not a Famous Victory
Robert Fisk: Fading frescoes of the Lebanon
Pacifica Radio’s KPFA uses US tax dollars to support Al Qaeda ...
Freedom from "Us"
It's Time to End the "Last Taboo"
Just what is doing all the killing?
Masconomet Middle School honor roll
Call for road changes after motorbike death

Lincoln Group

Spending cap, casino petitions to submit signatures
Multiple Jobs Needed In Most Rural Households To Cover Essentials
A community comes together to fight cancer
The Post and Courier
Matheson Tri-Gas, Inc. Agrees to Acquire Linweld, Inc.
Linweld, locally-owned for 61 years, sold to Pennsylvania company
Church Briefs
Fountain coming to park
Police warn against thieves targeting unlocked garages


AIPAC v. Norman Finkelstein: A Debate on Israel's Assault on Gaza
The AIPAC case goes wild
Justice Dept. criticized over AIPAC case
Left-Wing Groups Go Toe-to-Toe With AIPAC Over Aid to Palestinians
DC Showdown Expected on Hamas Bill
The Arabs in a Dark Maze
Err America: Ed Schultz, You're Off-Course With Lieberman


Arab League Transfers $50 Million to Abbas
Major International Bank to Channel Money into Gaza
Palestine calls for emergency meeting of Arab foreign ministers
Olmert Invades Gaza, Dashing Hopes for Swap of Prisoners PNA ...


AL, Saudi Arabia transfer 100-mln-dollar aid to Abbas
Arab League resumes financial aid to Palestine
PA receives $50mn from Arab League
Arab League transfers USD 50 million in aid to the Palestinian ...
Abdullah and Mubarak hold talks on Palestinian situation
Arab aid to Palestinians resume
Palestinian authority has no contact with kidnappers of Israeli
Israeli soldier's captors end talks as ultimatum expires
Palestinians End Talks on Israeli Hostage


Letter: Belafonte wins un-American award
Harry Belafonte Thanks His African-American Heroes
Belafonte's King Funeral Snub Called 'Big Mistake'
Son blames mix-up for Belafonte not speaking at funeral
ROLAND S. MARTIN: King III: Mistake not letting Belafonte speak at ...
Will Belafonte Use BET Show To Bash Bush?
Harry Belafonte sings Barrios Unidos' song
Comedian Damon Wayans, Chaka Khan and Harry Belafonte Lead Parade ...

Jim Fetzer

Doyle favors review of UW instructor
My unforgivable journalistic offense
Churchill’s ashes still hot; Barrett next to be burned at stake
Scholars for 9/11 Truth Threatened
Gorilla Radio for Monday, July 3rd 2006
Luxuriously updated hotel, new winery add luster to region
Hopkins Outruns Competitors, Rain to Win Holland's George Decker ...
Results from Langlade County Speedway


Hamas: “No Matter What, the Violence Will Never Stop”
Hamas-case suspect gets a new attorney
Al-Arian Lawyer Takes Case of Man Accused of Aiding Hamas
Exiled Hamas leaders under pressure
Statements allowed in Hamas funding trial
Council on American-Islamic Relations: Fifth Columnists and ...
The Truth About the Muslim Brotherhood
Reception Employees End Up Footing Bills for Deceitful Hotel ...
Inter-school art, speech contest winners named


Israel rejects Hamas call for ceasefire; demands return of captive ...
Hamas Authority declares war
Opposite Must Attract
Little indignation for Israel's actions
Israeli Minister Suggests Prisoner Swap with Hamas
Hamas Calls for Cease Fire in Gaza
Israeli Party, Hamas Are Not Comparable
Dragging Israel to ICJ?
Home » General » Palestinian envoy : Differences Between Hamas ...



The divestment saga drags on
DMK pressure works: Divestment of PSUs
All divestment plans on hold: PM
Industry chambers irked by divestment process
CEOs believe that divestment is important
Calling off divestment is a serious problem
Bull market to continue at a slow pace: PN Vijay
Embarrassing Dr Manmohan Singh
Indover`s divestment expected to be completed in 2007

World Council of Churches

Cuban official blasts proposed restrictions in US draft report
Cleveland-born Orthodox priest named bishop
NCC, CWS call on President Bush to not stop aid through the Cuban ...
Faith Feud: Armenians/Georgians in dispute over holy sites
World Summit of Religious Leaders condemns religiously sanctioned ...
Cardinal Kasper: Catholics and Russian Orthodox Churches have a
Urgent appeal from Caritas and churches in Gaza
Christian peace forum urges Sri Lanka ceasefire
LWI News in Brief No. 5/2006

World Jewish Congress

World Jewish Congress: New Human Rights Council Jeopardizes 'Moral ...
World Jewish Congress Outlines Position on Iran
Officials from World Jewish Congress urge united action on Iran
Boundaries of intolerance
World Jewish Congress Heralds Overdue Recognition for Magen David ...
World Jewish Congress Congratulates Knobloch on Election as New ...
Analysis: World Jewish Congress in Berlin
Analysis: World Jewish Congress in Berlin
Jewish leader 'ready to go to Iran' for talks

Colin Powell

Colin Powell Falls Ill In Aspen
Colin Powell falls ill during dinner
Colin Powell Opens SHRM?s 2006 Annual Conference
The website that matches your face with a celebrity's
Nuggets: Colin Powell; Arnold Schwarzenegger; Robert Downey Jr. ...
Video: Colin Powell on Refugees: "Keep Hope Alive"
Coach reveals Colin Powell is his hero

Learning Chinese

Six foreign unis to introduce Chinese
4th LD: Writethru: China hosts first Confucius Institute ...
Confucius say... learn Chinese and prosperity will follow
Talk like Yao on China's new Web site
China Offers Free Virtual Chinese Lessons
Confucius Institutes expanding worldwide
More Arabic soon will be heard in South Texas
Taekwondo Losing Popularity in Korea
Chinese acrobats' act all tumble, no stumble

Palestine Solidarity Movement

International Outcry At Israel’s Broad Offensive in the Gaza ...
Many protest Gaza siege in US, internationally
ISM: 2 nd Anniversary of ICJ Ruling and Israeli High Court
Pacifica Radio’s KPFA uses US tax dollars to support Al Qaeda ...
An urgent appeal to all antiwar activists and organizations: Join ...
Bulldozers Stopped, Palestinian Activist Still Arrested

Cambridge Union

Bulletin Board
Eyeing energy supplies from opposite ends of a telescope
Navy proposes test of blood substitute product
Subdivision News
Worcester Homeless Sue Public Library
Library sued over borrowing limits
Loss leaves Panthers with no room for error


UK Muslims present: Jews against Zionism
Muslims, Jews and Christians Join Together to Condemn Zionism
Debating Zionism
Against Zionism: Jewish Perspectives conference
Subtle Loyalties to Zionism
There Is No Zionism Without Judaism

Princess of Wales

Queen musical to replace Lord of the Rings: Brian May
Soviet on Song for hat-trick
The poet of dialectics
excuses: how to pass the buck with style
Princess Anne in Fiji attack scare
How times have changed

Israeli Apartheid

The Campaign for a Boycott of Apartheid Israel Gathers Momentum
Boycott against civil conduct
Toronto Sun: Protesting against Israeli apartheid
Many protest Gaza siege in US, internationally
Globalizing the Occupation
2nd Anniversary of the ICJ Ruling and the Israeli Supreme Court
Mediating the Israeli-Palestinian crisis
Boycott campaigners to target Tesco shareholders in London meet

Bush Middle East

insights into the world / Bush's high goals reach low point
Un-Snafu: Treating Iraq's Wound
Last Stand
Both Islam and Secularism Spread in France
In the news
The Case for a Preemptive Strike on North Korea's Missiles
Cheney visits Norfolk to thank sailors, Marines for their service ...
Galloway: The Bush administration's diplomacy crisis

Christopher Hitchens

Christopher Hitchens on the All-American Sex Act
Christopher Hitchens: Zarqawi's death part of a good day's work
Don't Miss: Writer, Provocateur Christopher Hitchens
Christopher Hitchens exalts blow jobs
The poet of dialectics
On Contrariness and Christopher Hitchens
By Christopher Hitchens
Albert Mohler

Paradise Now

Paradise Now
Trouble in Paradise now patched
DVD Review: Paradise Now
Faces of War, a provocative look at the Israeli-Palestinian crisis
Victim confronts chilling crime in 'Paradise'
Daily Planner: Saturday
Daily Planner: Friday

Dennis Ross

Dennis Ross: We Have Passed the Limit for Negotiations
Interesting Times: Hamasism or unilateralism
Public service academy proposal gains lawmakers' ears
Mediating the Israeli-Palestinian crisis
Ross Feted as House Term Nears End
Spills found at former school
Listen to the show
Results from Jacksonville Raceway
Korte Takes Second Win on Summer Nats Tour With Victory at Spoon ...

Martin Indyk

Israeli ties of US high-fliers
Israel Fears High Price for US Strike on Iran
Indyk: No solution to Jerusalem sovereignty dispute
How Libya Got Off the List
Al-Qaeda leader Zarqawi killed in US air raid
The Power of the Israel Lobby
Hamas and Abbas: Groping for a Truce
Another Financial Bailout for Palestinians?
A Historical Look: Clinton vs Bush on Iraq

Mushahid Hussein

SECOND OPINION: Our villain, their hero — Khaled Ahmed’s ...

Teacher Joseph Kyle

Playhouse hosts a dark comic classic
Ridgeview High school loses top student in car crash
Tecumseh Middle School Presents Academic Awards
Local engagements, weddings and anniversaries: July 2
THS grads mourn a loss but look to the future
Enfield High grads celebrate diversity, hard work of Class of 2006
Somers grads praised as town's 'most treasured natural resource'.
More News

SARS China

Is a Global Killer Lurking in China?
China's Media Faces Fines for Reporting Disasters
Comment: No more diseases or disasters, if Beijing has its way
Return of the Prodigal
CHINA: China law aims to 'shut up media'
CHINA: Plan to fine media over emergencies criticised
(Taiwan) Shake off the shadows of SARS and face future challenges ...
First influenza research center opens

Paul Flum

SARS in China

Reining watchdog press: China plans fines for breaking bad news
Editorial: Earthquake? Not here
Is a Global Killer Lurking in China?
China investigating potential human bird flu death in 2003: report
China Struggling with Public Health
China's Media Faces Fines for Reporting Disasters
Chinese gov't: objective reporting on disasters not affected by ...
Comment: No more diseases or disasters, if Beijing has its way

Landrum Bolling

Norman Finkelstein

Something Is Terribly Wrong With This Country, the USA!
Israel Arrests Dozens of Hamas Lawmakers and Ministers as Assault ...
The Power of the Israel Lobby
Rat Finkelstein poisons young Jews
Plaut Verdict A Symptom Of Israel's Sick Judiciary
Book: The Second Palestinian Intifada
In Israel, free speech for me but not for thee

General Peter Pace

Remarks by Vice President Cheney at a Rally for Expeditionary ...
Allegations Reinforce Values of Those Serving Honorably, Pace Says
Spring beckons for dour Chitabe
Ally Told Bush Spying Projects Might Be Illegal
US general vows probe in Iraq rape case
Gammons splits life between rock, jocks
GM board decides to explore alliance

Pete Pace Baltimore

Baltimore County Datebook
This Date In Baseball
Kay's Korner: Embracing a curse from the past
Trailblazing Nikes celebrate anniversary of glory days
Steve Eldridge: Smooth operator gearing up to soothe aggressive ...
This Date In Baseball
International League News and Notes
Michael Young went 5-for-5 with a homer and three RBIs Sunday. (AP ...
Working around the clock


Rise and Demise of the "New American Century"
Suffering in the Congo
Howard Zinn & 'The NN-phant in the Room'
A King's Noble Mission
Iraq and the Global War on Terror
On July 4th: Bush asks for YOUR help!
Special Features Block New
Why America Terrorizing Muslims?

Charlie Sheen 9/11

TELEVISION ; Emmy Committee Has `Lost' the Plot
Filmmaker Alex Jones: Charlie Sheen to Appear Saturday at 9/11 ...
UQ Wire: Reuters Reports On 9/11 LA Conference
Don't call me crazy just for seeking the truth about what really ...
Television movies for the week of June 25
‘Scary Movie 4’ has enough laughs to keep

Steve Rosen

Newborn whale found dead
Sabathia throws second shutout
Cleale Succeeds Sieber as Spamalot's Sir Galahad
Tough negotiations with the baby sitter
Baltimore County Datebook
Certified baby sitters should get extra pay
Judicial candidates narrowed to three
CHILDREN AND MONEY: Just saying no isn't always the way to go
Uncle Sam digs into even smallest pockets

Lawrence Franklin

Educator's move leaves hole
New schools chief starts work
Town Creek police arrest 2 in check scam
Capital Health set to push hospital plan
2 boys perish in fire
Founding Fathers’ Thoughts on America’s 230th Birthday
Wedge Issue
Copper wire theft arrests made
Coach calls on former rivals
Wooden bats offer flashback in All-Star series

Professor Stephen Walt

Policy Watch: Where is the Arab lobby?
Bane named academic dean at Kennedy School
Ann Coulter's "Flatulent Raccoon Theory"
How to go from respected academic to anti-Semite—in one simple ...
Academia's Anti-Israel Amen Corner
A Dangerous Exemption
An Uncivilized Argument

John Mearsheimer

Beware of the Lobby
How the Internet Is Replacing the Book
The US Defends Its Allies
Religion in Politics: Something Else Dershowitz Is Wrong About
Catholic Politicians' Confessions: Something Else Dershowitz Is ...
Australia in the Region
South Africa: Finally, America's Relationship With Israel is Aired ...
How to go from respected academic to anti-Semite—in one simple ...
Policy Watch: Where is the Arab lobby?

Delta Airlines

Southwest Raises Fares Amid Higher Fuel Costs
Delta Airlines Asks For Another Delay to File Reorganization Plan
NEW: Delta Airlines likely won't be coming to Yakima this year
Delta Airlines to begin service from AC International to Atlanta
Bankrupt Delta Airlines pays out
RETAIL: Ex-Kmart CEO to lead Radio Shack
Airlines report increase in number of youths flying alone
Continental, Delta, Frontier and Spirit Airlines Boost Flights to ...
Delta Airlines connects ROC to NYC

Robert Fisk

Robert Fisk: How racism has invaded Canada
Robert Fisk: Zarqawi's End is Not a Famous Victory
Robert Fisk: Fading frescoes of the Lebanon
Pacifica Radio’s KPFA uses US tax dollars to support Al Qaeda ...
Freedom from "Us"
It's Time to End the "Last Taboo"
Just what is doing all the killing?
Masconomet Middle School honor roll
Call for road changes after motorbike death

London Review of Books

Mearsheimer-Walt: The Paper That Won't Die
Review of recent books on faith and values
Beware of the Lobby
Zone 4 Tower Ad
How the Internet Is Replacing the Book
The rise and rise of a nice girl talking dirty
Interview: James Barclay - Author Of The Ascendants Of Esotrea ...

Patricia Duff

The Archers of Abaco
Honor Roll
Top City Hall lawyer once again in eye of the storm
Trading places in Massachusetts
Television movies for the week of June 25
Several St. Joseph County schools name top students


eBay slaps ban on Google in PayPal dispute
Skype Cordless Dualphone
Novac's TV for Skype Anywhere: watch TV via Skype, seriously
"Free" internet calls as expensive as a satellite phone
Novac TV Tuner for Skype
Internet rings in cheap calls
Low cost Internet phone service knocking on a door near you
Skype Still Stonewalls About Security Holes

Uzi Arad

Ramon rallies for realignment
Iran: Time Running Out


South Africa

South Africa Unveils 2010 World Cup Logo
From Germany to South Africa
In S.Africa first, soap diva to get full-blown AIDS
South Africa's 2nd fixed network delays launch to year-end
South Africa: SA, Japan Conclude Successful Meeting
South Africa: Time for Business to Widen Its View
The South Dominates America’s Hottest Cities List
South Africa: Govt Exceeds Set Target On Child Support Grants
South Africa: Calls for Speedy Implementation of 'Lost' Child ...
South Africa: FNB Contributes $30m Into 2010

Noam Chomsky

Stars and gripes
The Observer's Foreign Affairs Editor Peter Beaumont Reviews Noam ...
'Failed States,' by Noam Chomsky Homeland Insecurity
Noam Chomsky: Solution to Iran Crisis within Reach
Peter Beaumont Sees Noam Chomsky As The Devil Incarnate (Allegedly ...
Independent files for 16th District Congressional race
Sullivan Loses It, Again [Ramesh Ponnuru]
Turkish publisher faces prosecution over Chomsky book
We want Chomsky

Steven Rosen AIPAC

Ruling on Legal Bills at KPMG Could Be a Boon to Aipac Pair
The AIPAC case goes wild
The Power of the Israel Lobby
We Will Not Go Silently: The Death of the First Amendment

National Association of Teachers

Dr. Lynn Brinckmeyer Assumes Presidency of MENC: The National ...
Oh, say, can you sing? National Anthem Project stops at Belle Isle
Girl, 6, fondled
Ivory Tower Fascists: Academic Boycotters Follow In Hitler's ...
Poland: Teachers, students demand resignation of education ...
Poland: Teachers, students demand resignation of education ...
Boycott against civil conduct
Teachers to be paid
UPSI welcomes 2,648 new students
Okebukola Flags-off Science Resource Centre

Israeli Apartheid

The Campaign for a Boycott of Apartheid Israel Gathers Momentum
Boycott against civil conduct
Globalizing the Occupation
The Corporate Interests Fueling Conflict in Palestine Profiting ...
Many protest Gaza siege in US, internationally
ISM: 2 nd Anniversary of ICJ Ruling and Israeli High Court
Mediating the Israeli-Palestinian crisis

Presbyterian Church Israel

Briefs: Cornerstone Baptist hosts Family Fest
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Building on faith
Faith calendar
Religious Events
Tucson leaders applaud new church direction
United Church supports Israel boycott
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