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April, 2003
In a personal discussion I had with the author of this book, a former White House Press Secretary, Salinger told me in 1995 that he considered what happened at the time of the Gulf War a "plot" largely perpetrated on Iraq by the United States. His book, by the way, was a best-seller in Europe -- more than a million copies -- but it was essentially black-balled in the U.S. where it quickly went into obscurity after a small initial print run of 25,000. -Mark Bruzonsky

Iraq Archives
Articles from 1998 when another US -Iraq crisis was brewing. Of course this time the American empire is not content with bombing and sanctions, this time nothing less than complete occupation and total control are the clear goals.

The unusually unspoken reality is that the U.S. and Israel have been torture interconnected in the Middle East for quite a long time. Those now infamous hoods -- because of the dramatic pictures from the US prison in Iraq -- have long been used by the Israelis in prisons where Palestinians are treated far worse but the world has looked the other way for decades now. Indeed Israeli 'training' of Americans to 'deal with the Arabs' may well be the secret so-far untold aspect of the torture and abuse scandals of recent years.

January 21, 2006
Torturing Palestinians
From MER in January 1997: Torture of Palestinians is not only routine and systematic, in it actually sanctioned by the Israeli legal system that has been twisted to serve Israeli policies. Going back to the Shinbet scandal of the early 1980's, even more sadistic forms of torture have given way to the kinds of 'legalized' torture methods outlined in this important article from one of the few independent and courageous media sources in Israel, The Alternative Information Center (AIC). Among the reasons the Israelis get away with such systematic torture of Palestinians is that hardly anyone is willing to protest. The so-called "Palestinian Authority" practices similar and even worse torture techniques, as do nearly all of the Arab governments in the region -- so they are hardly in a position to protest. And the "liberal" American Jewish community has been morally bankrupt about such issues for so long now that to speak up at this point would be to condemn themselves for permitting, and even encouraging in many cases, such Nazi-like behavior by the Israelis for decades.

February, 2004
Bush Commission - Coverup and Whitewash
Bush Commission is both not so hard to see Whitewash and Coverup -- but don't expect the corporate media or the on-board Washington press to fess up.


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    This Week's TV program
    Mark Bruzonsky live on CTV for the Arafat-Rabin-Clinton White House Ceremony
    Mark Bruzonsky, MER Publisher was the live on-air commentator for CTV during the historic Arafat-Rabin-Clinton ceremony at the White House in Sept. 1993
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    This Week's Interview
    Palestinian Author Ghada Karmi on Two or One State Solution
    THE GUARDIAN - One State Solution? Ghada Karmi writes how the Two-State Solution Has Failed and there is Now Just the One-State Solution left to fight for.
    Feature Program
    MSNBC Interview with Mark Bruzonsky, December 1998
    MSNBC Interview with Mark Bruzonsky, December 1998
    Oslo Signing (CTV, 13 Sept 1993)
    The Rabin-Arafat Oslo signing commentary at the White House with live commentary from Mark Bruzonsky in the CTV Washington Studio. (1:17:54)

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    Rumsfeld the Pentagon and the CIA are in charge of the war. As America prepares for a war that would require 25 times the number of troops deployed to fight the Taliban, Rumsfeld, 70, is on the line as never before in a long and storied career. Afghanistan was a highly unconventional war that relied in part on CIA agents carrying bags of cash to buy the loyalty of anti-Taliban fighters. But taking out Saddam would mean an old-fashioned kind of conflict, with thousands of Marines and G.I.s carrying rifles and grenades. A war, if it comes, would be Rumsfeld's legacy. Win or lose, this would be Rumsfeld's war.

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    'We'll Nuke You!' - New York Post, 11 Dec 2002

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    I have no words to thank all of you for your very good work. I will suggest anybody interested in these topics not to miss your precious site. I pray God to bless you and everybody fights for a free Palestine. -- Sante Ciccarello, Udine-Italy

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    '[Al Qaeda is not] a big huge monster, stronger than the US. We don't believe this. There is no indication that there is an entity called Al Qaida.' -- Basar Al-Assad, President of Syria, Jan 7 2004

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