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Israel - `Only military action can stop Iran`
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Majority of Americans Believe in Angels

Most Britons believe religion does more harm than good - say they are NOT religious!

Pentagon Wants Super Cruise Missiles To Attack Anywhere Within One Hour

The world according to Blair, by 'Mr Tony'

Bush has created a comprehensive catastrophe across the Middle East

Neocons: We expected Israel to attack Syria - IL

How US Paid Israel In Full For War on Lebanon...and Preparations For New Wars Racing Ahead

Palestinians Battle With Guns and Politics

Kinsley at Slate attacks Carter - Jimmy Carter's moronic new book about Israel.

Israelis Block Palestinian PM Return to Gaza With Funds

Top General Forecasts 'War on Terrorism' Could last a Century!

Israel Has Impoverished and Imprisoned Palestinians

Israel Is Not Linked to Iraq, Except That It Is

Let's face it: THE WORLD IS IN A MESS and you are inheriting it!

Bandar of Arabia - Featured in the Pages of the Washington Star

Iraq Study Group and Its 'Bogus' Proposals

Jimmy Carter Says Newspapers Ignoring Book -- Or Hitting It As 'Anti-Israel'

Saudi king: Spark could ignite region

1999 War Games Foresaw Problems in Iraq

Security barrier strangles Jerusalem

Madrid-2 Sans Israel?

More Troops Says Wash Times Editorial

Carter's Stein Finally Breaks Totally

President Carter talks about AIPAC and Israel on C-SPAN

Aipac, UJC To Face Off With Dems on Junkets, Earmarks

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Suicide Bombing 'Self-Portrait' by prize-winning Colorado artist

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