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Rahm Emmanuel jumped outfront on 3 Jan 2007 to be the visible public spokesman of the Democratic Party which has taken over both branches of Congress
Rahm Fronts for Democrats in Congress - Sheehan Takes His Mike
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Now hear this! Iraq PM tells Bush of 'dazzling successes' in Baghdad

Bomb attack on Iran’s elite force kills 18

China, India, and Russia To Challenge U.S. World Domination

Across Arab World, a Widening Shiite Sunni Rift

Charging Iran with "Genocide" Before Nuking It

The politics of the man behind “24.”

A Shaky Briefing on Iran?

War Gaming as US and Israel Prepare to Attack IRAN

Questions About Zionism...Israel...the Lobby... IL


US Plans to Attack IRAN on track for Spring

Putin Blasts US for Militarism More than Ever

ElBaradei Warns US and Iran against an Unstoppable Chain Reaction

Music - The Idiot Son of an Asshole

Israel and US Pushing Sunni Arabs to Align With them Against IRAN and Shia Arabs

The American Battle Over Iran - Containment or Engagement?

Tehran Warns Back From Highest Official

'Shi'ites pushing Sunnis to West'

Palestinian aid policies ‘backfiring’

Iranian nuclear scientist 'assassinated by Mossad'

Peres Warns Not to Directly Intervene in Palestinian Civil War

American Jews Fear Backlash over coming Iran War

John Pilger: Iran: The War Begins

Clinton Promises to End War if Elected

Palestinian Civil War Escalating

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Rambo Stallone To Go After Osama/Al-Qaida

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