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Shortly after announcing she's in the Presidential race Hillary Clinton took her campaign to the Jewish and Zionist powers that be in AIPAC and the Israeli/Jewish Lobby.
Hillary Does AIPAC (again...and more on top than ever)
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Country News: Egypt Iran Iraq Israel Jordan Lebanon Palestine Pakistan Saudi Arabia Syria Turkey Washington

IRAN Clock TICKING - the U.S. and Israel prepare the much greater Middle East battles

Molly Ivins on THE ISRAEL LOBBY and the NUTJOBS

Iran Must Get Ready to Repel a Nuclear Attack

FLASH! Massacre Rather Than Victory!

Body-Count Politics - 300 Insurgents Are Killed

Troops Authorized to Kill Iranian Operatives in Iraq

New US strategy on economically strangle and 'contain' Iran emerges

Carter apologizes for 'stupid' book passage

Bush Administraton Has Done 'Far Greater Damage' Than Nixon - Carl Bernstein

Iran motivated by fear - Unusual Truth-Telling About Iran from Israel

Israeli army using mock city to train for Lebanon, Iran... US deeply involved at all levels...

Perle Says Bush/Cheney Will OK Attack on IRAN along with Israel

Iraq - From this wreckage was bound to come the insurgencies and the hatred

Israeli Agents Pushing for War Then and Now?

Global Warming CATASTROPHE Looming

US Behind Secret Deal to Push Syria to make Peace with Israel

It's All About Iran - Washington wants war…

The real Iraq Study Group at AEI

The Greatest Settler - Teddy Kolleck

Future of Iraq: The spoils of war - How the West will make a killing on Iraqi oil riches

Blood and oil: How the West will profit from Iraq's most precious commodity


Senate Regrets the Vote to Enter Iraq

French president calls for Middle East peace conference

Rahm Fronts for Democrats in Congress - Sheehan Takes His Mic

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