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Palestinian militants from Hamas stand at the desk of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas inside Abbas' personal office after it was taken over by Hamas in fighting in Gaza City on June 15, 2007. Fatah forces collapsed under the onslaught by Hamas, which showed superior organization and motivation.
A Visit to Fatah`s Torture Chamber
Aug Sep 2007

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As Her Star Wanes, Rice Tries to Reshape Legacy

As Her Star Wanes, Rice Tries to Reshape Legacy

David Walker - Comptroller General of the United States

"Redacted" stuns Venice

Time to Call In the Iran Chips

Former US Amb Says Osama on top U.S. on bottom with public in Pakistan

Study: US preparing 'massive' military attack against Iran

POLITICS: Bush Indictment of Iran Tops Usual Rhetoric

US troops seize Iranians in Baghdad

Saudis set up force to guard oil plants

Robert Fisk: Even I Question the Official 9/11 Story

Bush's next invasion: Vietnam?

Top general likely to urge big troop cut as he departs Pentagon

VIDEO - Former UN Ambassador "absolutely" wants U.S. to attack Iran

Prelude to an Attack on Iran

Congress Approval Rating Matches Historical Low

White House Wants Petraeus Testimony Behind Closed Doors

3 Generals Spurn the Position of War 'Czar

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Bibi Poised for Comeback

Sunni politician in desperate appeal to Arab nations to help stop 'genocide'

US diplomat downplays Mideast forum

VIDEO - Cheney on IRAQ in 1994

Modern road to White House 'verges on insane,' says Gingrich

The Other War: Iraq Vets Bear Witness

Will the real Colin Powell stand up?

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The American administration is a bloodthirsty wild animal

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