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US Sends Secret Radar and US Military +     USA 2008: The Great Depression     Sarah Palin gets painted in full, and +     Homer tries to vote for Barack Obama, +     Palin says she represents 'Joe Six-pack'     Palin says she represents 'Joe Six-pack'     Flirting with Palin earns Pakistani president a +     McCain out of MI and maybe OUT +     “The Age of the Warrior”: Robert Fisk +     Israeli Officials Fear Going to SPAIN     An 800-number for Just $10 a Month +     Western World Becoming Significantly Less Wealthy     Palin On Fox News: Couric Annoyed Me +     What it's like to debate Sarah Palin +     New Yorker Endorses Obama     US Sends Secret Radar and US Military +     Senator Reid's SLip Causes More Stock Drop +     US Sends Secret Radar and US Military +     Western Lawyers Challenge Iraq 'Trial' of Saddam +     Group Calls for QUESTIONS about SETTLEMENTS at +     Knives out for CBS Star LAURA LOGAN +     Letterman Keeps on Riping McCain     “The Age of the Warrior”: Robert Fisk +     Christian 'Creationist' Palin - Dynassoars and Humans +     Abbas says 'no' to Olmert     Palin On Fox News: Couric Annoyed Me +     Iranian leaders says Israel defeat ”absolute”     Obama’s Risky Pakistan Strategy     McCain Pre-Blames Moderator Gwne Ifill     British envoy says mission in Afghanistan is +     How and Why Wachovia Fell     McCain and Palin Sow Doubts About Ifill +     Abbas says 'no' to Olmert     Abbas says 'no' to Olmert     Would-be bomber - 15-year old girl     Iran hints at nuclear rethink if gets +     33 days – Chuck Todd sees race +     The New President of Pakistan - Already +     Bush and Arab Regimes now plan ANAPOLIS +     Iranian leaders says Israel defeat ”absolute”     33 days – Chuck Todd sees race +     Iran hints at nuclear rethink if gets +    

ISRAELI Attack on IRAN Still Possible
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Sep Oct 2008


IRANIANS Officials Talk of Retaliating Against UK and ISRAEL

Un Chief Urges Nuclear Powers to Cur Arsenals

Abu Nidal, notorious Palestinian mercenary, 'was a US spy'

Have we become Sodom?

Top Iran officials recommend preemptive strike against Israel

Abbas' forces deploy in Hebron crackdown

GET THIS! Lieberman: I'd try to help a victorious Obama!

Mutilation Story Pushed by McCain Campaign People

‘John McCain was never tortured in my jail’, says Tran Trong Duyet. And he's no "War Hero" either!

The Washington insider who made Obama rich

BIBI Coming Again In Israel -- Shas betting on its renewed alliance with Netanyahu

Peres Now Says SAUDI Peace Plan Can Bring Peace to Middle East

TORAH SAGES Say NO - Israeli Elections Coming

Obama: The Choice - THE NEW YORKER

JOE McCain (yes another JOE) Calls 911 to Make Traffic Complaint near DC!

Meltdown in Pakistan

Influential Iraq Ayatollah in Iran calls U.S.-Iraqi security pact 'a sin God won't forgive'

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Pentagon Starkly Warns Iraqi Govt

Ms. RunAMuck Joins FOX News

US Permanent Basing Agreement (masked) Faces Much Opposition

Who Put Hate in My Sunday Paper?

JERUSALEM - Divided, Confused, and Fearful

Major Anti-U.S. March in Baghdad

Pakistan on the Brink - Hard Turn to I.M.F. as last resort

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Sharon Pushes To Add Syria, Lebanon, and Iran to the Target List

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