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Steve Clemons of New America With Israeli Daniel Levy and Israeli-U.S.-approved Palestinian
New America Keeps On Fronting for `Liberal` wing of Jewish/Israel Lobby - On the Death of Tom Lantos Says Steve Clemons
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Jan Feb 2008

Analysis: What if 500,000 Gazans marched on Erez?

Nasrallah: Israel's disappearance an established fact

Arab Leaders Say the Two-State Proposal Is in Peril

Obama: is America ready for this dangerous leftwinger?

Turks Invade Northern Iraq!

Inter 'Jury of Conscience' on Israeli War Crimes Meets in Brussels

Symbol of both Hate and Pride - An Israeli-Palestinian Parable - 'Teacher told me to cover Star of David'

A new US Middle East policy in 2009 ? Don't bet on it

Israeli Army Prepares for New Regional War

Israel to Escalate War Against Palestinians (Hamas) and Lebanese (Hizbullah)

U.S. and Israel together On IRAN

Permanent US Military Taking Hold in Kuwait

Why politics will not fix Pakistan

Bishara: Establishment of Israel 'armed robbery'

Secret papers reveal threats from Saudi prince

Page 1 NYT - Frustrated Egyptian Young Turn to Religion

Why Osama and the Islamists Hate the U.S. - Take Note!

Our inevitable withdrawal from Iraq could poison American politics for a generation

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Is the US really bringing stability to Baghdad?

NGOs promote "Israeli Apartheid Week"

VIDEO - Who Killed the Hezbollah Leader; And What Price To Come?

Steve Clemons of 'New America' keeps right on fronting for 'liberal' Israel/Jewish Lobby - This time on the death of Tom Lantos

Hezbollah chief threatens Israel - World-wide Attacks May Be Coming

How Tom Lantos Helped Start the Iraq War Way Back When

Dick Morris Predicts Obama Victory!

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