Academics Squeak Up
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Academics Squeak Up

Academics are often late to the party; as they surely are in these historically important times and with this particularly half-baked half-hearted statement. And even when they get there too many "political correct" academics end up talking a lot while actually not doing very much -- especially when they get together collectively and especially in the contemporary US of A these days. Such is clearly the case here with this latest statement from an ensemble of American academics coming mildly and meekly together capitalizing on the opportunity to indicate that they are doing so in support of their "courageous" Israeli colleagues. 'Courage' is not a word that should however be applied to their own very inadequate statement. It's the classical much too little much too late phenomena reborn once again...but worse. For what these American academics have done is to try to give the impression that something significant is being done when in fact they are actually avoiding doing anything new and important; and certainly avoiding saying, not to mention doing, those things that are really needed. Thus, sad as it is to say, this kind of statement coming at this time and in this way may be worse than nothing at all for it gives the academics the "I gave at the office" excuse, far too easily letting them off the political and existential hooks these times have brought about for all of us. First of all most of those involved in this have been largely silent all these critical years, only now putting their name to this easy-to-sign statement with, as we said, the convenient 'excuse' that since Israeli academics made a statement so should they. Yet, after quite literally years of handwringing by many, the American signers not only have nothing new to say or advocate, they refrain from even saying anything at all in a forceful and determined manner. Even a quick once-over reading makes it evident that the signers don't actually call for anything specific at all -- rather they follow the least-common-demoninator approach calling for "vigilance". Pretty hard to be against "vigilance" in these ominously dangerous times when others are speaking out about World War III, war crimes, constitutional erosion, mass arrests, and making analogies to the apartheid and fascist/racist eras of not that long ago. The statement does mention all the US money that makes what the Israelis do possible (though it completely skips mention of all the weapons, not to mention escalating CIA intrique); but doesn't even mention the crucial 'settlements' and the resultant neo-apartheid policies -- thus not reaching the important conclusion that America itself has become culpable and that 9/11 itself was brewed in this crucible as most of them both intellectually and politically slept. Most significant of all, even at this late date and even after so many years of escalating Israeli provocations, the signers of this most inadequate statement direct their appeal to the very party that is in fact both the co-conspirator and the co-perpetrator helping bring about the very result they deplore! That party, the US Government, is in fact in the midst of a huge neo-crusader military build-up -- clearly one being done in close alliance with the Israelis -- and here too the Academics don't even deal with this weighty historical turn-of-events which is in actuality the crucial backdrop for what they do so inadequately comment about. Did we stress enough yet the "inadequateness" of all this? Overall, it's a statement clearly drafted as it is to make it very easy for many people to sign -- one lacking most of all in any call for at least suspension of US funding of Israeli policies not to mention an end to the new crusader mentality that has taken hold in their own country. The statement not only lacks serious depth and bite; but worst of all, to repeat once again, it gives the impression that the USGovernment is a reasonable and responsible party one can simply call on in a few words for redress -- and that very clearly and definitely is NOT the case! Oh yes, let's mention this reality as well. Among the reasons this academic statement is so inadequate is that among the key organizers are a number of prominent American Jewish academics who long ago decided to play it safe -- foremost among them Joel Beinin at Stanford and Zachary Lockman at Harvard. A decade ago now both were among the first Middle East academics to back away from the then growing criticism of Israel and to sign on as Oslo "Peace Process" advocates, even as more principled and courageous colleagues right from the start saw the duplicity involved in Oslo and predicted it would lead to far worse conditions for the Palestinians -- precisely in fact what has occurred. Much more needs to be said about this. And in fact much more needs to be done about all this; even as many will now conveniently hide behind the "I gave at the office" excuse. At the moment, let's conclude by saying maybe we should have titled this little commentary: "Academics Squeak Up...However Purposefully Late, However Terribly Meekly, However Badly Mislead."

American Academics Join Israeli Colleagues
In Warning Against Ethnic Cleansing

We, American academics and intellectuals, applaud our courageous Israeli colleagues for their recent letter warning of the possibility of ethnic cleansing in Israel and the Occupied Territories. The 187 Israeli signatories express concern that the "fog of war" [against Iraq] "could be exploited by the Israeli government to commit further crimes against the Palestinian people, up to full-fledged ethnic cleansing."

The Israeli professors point out that: "The Israeli ruling coalition includes parties that promote 'transfer' of the Palestinian population as a solution to what they call 'the demographic problem'. Politicians are regularly quoted in the media as suggesting forcible expulsion, most recently MKs [members of the Israeli parliament] Michael Kleiner and Benny Elon, as reported on Yediot Ahronot website on September 19, 2002. In a recent interview in Israeli daily Ha'aretz, Chief of Staff Moshe Ya'alon described the Palestinians as a 'cancerous manifestation' and equated the military actions in the Occupied Territories with 'chemotherapy', suggesting that more radical 'treatment' may be necessary. Prime Minister Sharon has backed this 'assessment of reality'. Escalating racist demagoguery concerning the Palestinian citizens of Israel may indicate the scope of the crimes that are possibly being contemplated."

Benjamin Netanyahu, the newly appointed Israeli foreign minister, previously advocated expelling Palestinians while the world was distracted with events at Tiananmen Square.

We join with our Israeli colleagues in calling for vigilance as events unfold in Israel and the Occupied Territories. With an average of more than $10 million dollars per day of American tax dollars going to Israel, we believe Americans cannot remain silent while crimes as abhorrent as ethnic cleansing are being openly advocated.

We urge our government to communicate clearly to the government of Israel that the expulsion of people according to race, religion or nationality would constitute crimes against humanity and will not be tolerated.

* (SIGNED BY OVER 800 U.S. PROFESSORS -- see list below)


Letter from Israel, September 29th 2002

Urgent warning: The Israeli government
may be contemplating crimes against humanity

We, members and friends of Israeli academe, are horrified by US buildup of aggression towards Iraq and by the Israeli political leadership's enthusiastic support for it.

We are deeply worried by indications that the "fog of war" could be exploited by the Israeli government to commit further crimes against the Palestinian people, up to full-fledged ethnic cleansing.

The Israeli ruling coalition includes parties that promote "transfer" of the Palestinian population as a solution to what they call "the demographic problem". Politicians are regularly quoted in the media as suggesting forcible expulsion, most recently MKs Michael Kleiner and Benny Elon, as reported on Yediot Ahronot website on September 19, 2002. In a recent interview in Ha'aretz, Chief of Staff Moshe Ya'alon described the Palestinians as a "cancerous manifestation" and equated the military actions in the Occupied Territories with "chemotherapy", suggesting that more radical "treatment" may be necessary. Prime Minister Sharon has backed this "assessment of reality". Escalating racist demagoguery concerning the Palestinian citizens of Israel may indicate the scope of the crimes that are possibly being contemplated.

We call upon the International Community to pay close attention to events that unfold within Israel and in the Occupied Territories, to make it absolutely clear that crimes against humanity will not be tolerated, and to take concrete measures to prevent such crimes from taking place.


Prof. Zach Adam, Rehovot Dr. Amotz Agnon, Jerusalem Prof. Colman Altman, Haifa Dr. Janina Altman, Haifa Tammy Amiel-Houser, Tel Aviv Chaya Amir, Tel Aviv Dr. Shmuel Amir, Tel Aviv Prof. Daniel Amit, Jerusalem/Rome Elinor Amit, Tel Aviv Prof. Yali Amit, Chicago Dr. Yossi Amitay, Kibbutz Gvulot Dr. Meir Amor, Montreal, Canada Dr. Yonathan (Jon) Anson, Beer Sheva Dr. Ariella Azoulay, Tel Aviv Dr. Riva Bachrach, Tel Aviv Dr. Rachel Tzvia Back, Tel Aviv Prof. Shalom Baer, Jerusalem Prof. Ron Barkai, Tel Aviv Dr. Anat Barnea - Givat Chaim Ichud Prof. Dan Bar-On, Beer Sheva Dr. Avner Ben-Amos, Tel Aviv Tammy Ben-Shaul, Haifa Prof. Zvi Bentwich, Jerusalem Prof. Matania Ben-Artzi, Jerusalem Prof. Linda Ben-Zvi, Tel Aviv Avi Berg, Tel Aviv Dr. Louise Bethlehem, Hod Hasharon Prof. Anat Bilezki, Tel Aviv Uri Bitan, Beer Sheva Prof. Elliott Blass, Cambridge, MA Prof. Shoshana Blum-Kulka, Jerusalem Dr. Yair Boimel, Haifa Prof. Daniel Boyarin, Berkeley Prof. Haim Bresheeth, London/Jerusalem Ido Bruno, Jerusalem Prof. Victoria Buch, Jerusalem Shula Carmi, Jerusalem Smadar Carmon, Toronto Raz D. Chen-Morris, Jerusalem Ilan Cohen, Pordenone, Italy Dr. Nicole Cohen-Addad, Tel Aviv Dr. Mike Dahan, Jerusalem Dr. Uri Davis, Sakhnin Athena Elizabeth DeRasmo, Haifa Ronit Dovrat, Firenze Dr. Avishai Ehrlich, Tel Aviv Dr. Hala Espanioly, Nazareth Prof. Aharon Eviatar, Tel Aviv Dr. Zohar Eviatar, Haifa Debbie Eylon, Jerusalem Dr. Ovadia Ezra. Tel Aviv Prof. Raphael Falk, Jerusalem Moris Farhi, London, UK Prof. Emmanuel Farjoun, Jerusalem Prof. Raya Fidel, Seattle Pnina Firestone, Jerusalem Prof. Gideon Freudenthal, Tel Aviv Dr. Elizabeth Freund, Jerusalem Meir (miro) Gal, New York Prof. Chaim Gans, Tel Aviv Gadi Geiger, Cambridge, MA, USA Dr. Amira Gelblum, Tel Aviv Prof. Avner Giladi, Haifa Prof. Rachel Giora, Tel Aviv Dr. Snait Gissis, Tel Aviv Dr. Daphna Golan-Agnon, Jerusalem Dr. Anat Goldrat-First, Netanya Dr. Ofra Goldstein-Gidoni, Tel Aviv Dr. Neve Gordon, Beer Sheva Dr. Yerah Gover, New York Prof. Charles W. Greenbaum, Jerusalem Dr. Lev Grinberg, Beer Sheva Prof. Yossi Guttmann, Haifa Ran HaCohen, Tel Aviv Prof. Uri Hadar, Tel Aviv Jeff Halper, Jerusalem Shoshana Halper, Jerusalem Prof. Galit Hasan-Rokem, Jerusalem Dina Hecht, Jerusalem Dr. Sara Helman, Beer Sheva Prof. Hanna Herzog, Tel Aviv Prof. Ze'ev Herzog, Tel Aviv Prof. Hannan Hever, Jerusalem Dr. Tikva Honig-Parnass, Jerusalem Shirly Houser, Tel Aviv Tal Itzhaki, Haifa Prof. Eva Jablonka, Tel Aviv Andrea Jacobs, Austin, Texas Prof. Sabre Kais, Nahif/Purdue USA Dr. Devorah Kalekin-Fishman, Haifa Aya Kaniuk, Tel Aviv Prof. Jacob Katriel, Haifa Prof. Tamar Katriel, Haifa Prof. Uri Katz, Haifa Prof. Baruch Kimmerling, Jerusalem Dr. Gady Kozma, Rehovoth Prof. Richard Kulka, Jerusalem Dr. Haggai Kupermintz, Boulder, Colorado Judy Kupferman, Tel Aviv Dr. Ron Kuzar, Haifa Dr. Idan Landau, Beer Sheva Dr. John Landau, Jerusalem Dr. Ariela Lazar, Evanston Dr. Ronit Lentin, Dublin Prof. Micah Leshem, Haifa Erez Levkovitz, Jerusalem Prof. Rene Levy, Lausanne Prof. Shimon Levy, Tel Aviv Prof. Joyce Livingstone, Haifa Prof. Yosefa Loshitzky, London/Jerusalem Dr. Orly Lubin, Tel Aviv Dr. Ivonne Mansbach, Jerusalem Prof. Uri Maor, Tel Aviv Dr. Ruchama Marton, Tel Aviv Dr. Anat Matar, Tel Aviv Dr. Nina Mayorek, Jerusalem Prof. Paul Mendes-Flohr, Jerusalem Rahel Meshoulam, Cambridge, MA Dr. Uriel Meshoulam, Cambridge, MA Rabbi Jeremy Milgrom, Jerusalem Jo Milgrom, Jerusalem Menucha Moravitz, Ramat-Gan Susy Mordechay, Giv'ataim Dr. Pnina Motzafi-Haller, Ottawa, Canada Prof. Ben-Tzion Munitz, Tel Aviv Dr. Dorit Naaman, Kingston, Ontario Regev Nathansohn, Tel Aviv Prof. Adi Ophir, Tel-Aviv Omer Ori, Jerusalem Prof. Avraham Oz, Haifa Dr. Ilan Pappe, Haifa Prof. Yoav Peled, Tel Aviv Gabriel Piterberg, UCLA Prof. Igor Primoratz, Jerusalem Amos Raban, Tel Aviv Tali Raban, Tel Aviv Shakhar Rahav, Berkeley Dr. Haggai Ram, Beer Sheva Dr. Amnon Raz-Krakotzkin, Beer Sheva Prof. Zvi Razi, Tel Aviv Prof. Tanya Reinhart, Tel Aviv Prof. Fanny-Michaela Reisin, Berlin Dr. Nira Reiss, New York Dr. Rivki Ribak, Haifa Prof. Freddie Rokem, Tel Aviv Dr. Avihu Ronen, Tel Hai Prof. Henry Rosenfeld, Haifa Dr. Maya Rosenfeld, Jerusalem Ouzi Rotem, Philadelphia Hava Rubin, Haifa Itai Ryb, Jerusalem Amalia Sa'ar, Haifa Dr. Dalia Sachs, Haifa Dr. Hannah Safran, Haifa Tami Sarfatti, UCLA Dr. Nita Schechet, Jerusalem Hillel Schocken, Tel Aviv Dr. Zvi Schuldiner, Jerusalem Uri Segal, Louisville, KY Ruben Seroussi, Tel Aviv Dr. Erella Shadmi, Mevasseret Zion Prof. Nomi Shir, Beer Sheva Dr. Miriam Shlesinger, Tel Aviv Aharon Shabtai, Tel Aviv Dr. Rann Smorodinsky, Haifa Orly Soker, Sapir-Jerusalem Dr. Yehiam Soreq, Tel Aviv Nurit Steinfeld, Jerusalem Dr. Eva Teubal, Jerusalem Prof. Gideon Toury, Tel Aviv Dr. Dudy Tzfati, Jerusalem Roman Vater, Tel Aviv Dr. Roy Wagner, Tel-Aviv Prof. Bronislaw Wajnryb, Haifa Prof. Pnina Werbner, Keele Dr. David Wesley, Tel Aviv Elana Wesley, Tel Aviv Tamar Yaron, Montreal & Kibbutz Hazorea Dr. Mamoud Yazbak, Haifa Dr. Michael Yogev, Haifa Kim Yuval, Tel Aviv Prof. Moshe Zimmermann, Jerusalem Prof. Nahla Abdo-Zoubi, Nazareth/Ottawa Nava Zuckerman, Tel Aviv Dr. Moshe Zuckermann, Tel Aviv - (187 Signatories)

* Complete List of Signers of Academic Statement, 18 Dec 2002

Professor Joel Beinin, Stanford Professor George Bisharat, UC Hastings Professor Beshara Doumani, UC Berkeley Professor James G. Ferguson, University of California, Irvine Professor James Fujii, University of California, Irvine Professor Zachary Lockman, New York University Professor Liisa Malkki, University of California, Irvine Professor Timothy Mitchell, New York University Professor Glenn Morris, University of Colorado Professor Gabi Piterberg, UC Los Angeles Professor James Pope, Rutgers University, School of Law Professor Glenn E. Robinson, Naval Postgraduate School Professor Ted Swedenburg, University of Arkansas Professor Anthony Thompson, New York University Professor Judith Tucker, Georgetown University Professor Rabab Abdulhadi, New York University Professor Rula Abisaab, University of Akron, OH Professor Dr. Khaled Abou El Fadl, UC Los Angeles School of Law Professor Margaret Abraham, Hofstra University Professor Ervand Abrahamian, CUNY, Baruch College Professor Janet Lippman Abu-Lughod, New School University Professor Lila Abu-Lughod, Columbia University Professor Lama Abu-Odeh, Georgetown Law Center Professor Penelope Adair, University of Texas, Pan American Lecturer Rutie Adler, UC Berkeley Professor Aaron Ahuvia, University of Michigan, Dearborn Professor Omofolabo Ajayi, University of Kansas Professor Samer Alatout, Dartmouth College Professor Ammiel Alcalay, Queens College; CUNY Graduate Center Professor William M. Alexander, California Polytechnic State University Professor Mahdi Alosh, Ohio State University Professor Benjamin L. Alpers, University of Oklahoma Professor Robert Alvarez, UC San Diego Professor Vikram Amar, UC Hastings Professor Camron Michael Amin, University of Michigan, Dearborn Professor Elizabeth Ammons, Tufts University Professor Deborah P. Amory, Purchase College SUNY Professor Jeffrey S. Anastasi, Arizona State University West Professor Peter B. Anderson, Ph.D., University of New Orleans-Lakefront Campus Professor Gil Anidjar, Columbia University Professor Zehra F. Kabasakal Arat, SUNY, Purchase College Professor Juan Manuel Arbona, Bryn Mawr College Professor Carol Archie, M.D., School of Medicine, UC Los Angeles Professor Stanley Aronowitz, CUNY Graduate Center Professor Naseer Aruri, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth Professor Talal Asad, CUNY, Graduate Center Professor Adrienne Asch, Wellesley College Professor Dr. Robert Ashmore, Marquette University Professor Peter Ashton, Harvard University Professor Frank Askin, Rutgers University, School of Law Professor Anna Held Audette, Southern Connecticut State University Professor Arlene Avakian, University of Massachusetts, Amherst Professor Paola Bacchetta, UC Berkeley Professor Mamoun M. Bader, Pennsylvania State Professor John S. Baick, Western New England College Professor Raymond William Baker, Trinity College Professor Eric Bakovic, UC San Diego Professor Mary Jo Bang, Washington University in St. Louis Joe Barber, Trinity College, Director of Community Service & Civic Engagement Professor Pranab Bardhan, UC Berkeley Professor Dr. Khalil Barhoum, Stanford Professor Grace Baron, Wheaton College Professor Valerie Barr, Hofstra University Professor Laurent Bartholdi, UC Berkeley Professor Frank Battaglia, CUNY, College of Staten Island Professor Howard J. Baumgartel, University of Kansas Professor Rosalyn Baxandall, SUNY, Old Westbury Lecturer Dr. Hatem Bazian, UC Berkeley Professor Michael Beard, University of North Dakota Professor Phillip Beard, Ph.D., Sonoma State University Professor Laleh Behbehanian, UC Berkeley Professor Ali Behdad, UC Los Angeles Professor Duran Bell, UC Irvine Professor Giovanna Benadusi, University of South Florida Professor Lourdes Beneria, Cornell University Rev. Dr. Alan Bentz-Letts, Hofstra University and Queen's College (CUNY), Protestant Chaplain Professor Wesley Bergen, Wichita State University Professor Victoria Bernal, UC Irvine Professor Susan Bernofsky, Bard College Professor Anne C. Bernstein, Wright Institute Professor Donald L. Berry, Colgate University Lecturer Jane Fair Bestor, Harvard University Professor Ashutosh Bhagwat, UC Hastings Professor Keith Bisharat, CSU, Sacramento Elizabeth Bishop, American University in Cairo, Scholar Affiliate Hisham Bizri, MIT Fellow/Artist-in-Residence Professor Dr. Maylei Blackwell, Loyola Marymount University Professor Debra J. Blake, University of Minnesota, Morris Professor Judith R. Blau, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Professor Robert Blecher, University of Richmond Professor Chana Boch, Mills College Professor Eduardo Bonilla-Silva, Texas A&M University Professor Aubrey W. Bonnett, SUNY, Old Westbury Professor Marilyn Booth, Brown University Professor John Borneman, Princeton University Professor Avram Bornstein, CUNY, John Jay Professor Erica Bornstein, Stanford Professor Richard Boswell, UC Hastings Professor Philippe Bourgois, UC San Francisco Professor Donna Lee Bowen, Brigham Young University Professor Daniel Boyarin, UC Berkeley Professor Francis A. Boyle, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Professor Thomas Brackett, Colgate University Professor Mary P. Brady, Cornell University Professor Thomas A. Jr. Brady, UC Berkeley Professor Lila Braine, Barnard College, Columbia Professor Laurie A. Brand, University of Southern California Professor Mark Lau Branson, Fuller Theological Seminary Professor Howard Brick, Washington University in St. Louis Professor Renate Bridenthal, CUNY, Brooklyn Professor Karen Brodkin, UC Los Angeles Professor Patricia P. Brodsky, University of Missouri Professor Stephen Eric Bronner, Rutgers Professor Ethel Brooks, Rutgers Professor Nancy Brooks, University of Vermont Professor Wendy Brown, UC Berkeley Professor Mark Buchan, Princeton University Professor J.F. Buckley, Ohio State University Professor Paul Buhle, Brown University Professor Michael Burawoy, UC Berkeley Professor Edmund Burke, III, UC Santa Cruz Professor David Burrell, University of Notre Dame Professor Judith Butler, UC Berkeley Professor Roger Byrne, UC Berkeley Professor Erin G. Carlston, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Professor Claudia J. Carr, UC Berkeley Professor Berenice A. Carroll, Purdue University Professor Rand Carter, Hamilton College Professor Dion Cautrell, Ohio State University, Mansfield Professor Sally Charnow, Hofstra University Professor Kumkum Chatterjee, Penn State University Professor Kiren Aziz Chaudhry, UC Berkeley Professor Ira Chernus, University of Colorado, Boulder Professor Vivek Chibber, New York University Professor Roger Chickering, Georgetown University Professor Noam Chomsky, MIT Professor Christina Civantos, University of Miami Professor Richard Pierre Claude, University of Maryland Professor Dan Clawson, University of Massachusetts, Amherst Professor Sydney Gurewitz Clemens, UC Davis Professor James Clifford, UC Santa Cruz Professor Lorraine Cohen, CUNY, LaGuardia Community College Professor Deborah Cohler, San Francisco State University Professor Benjamin N. Colby, University of California, Irvine Professor Juan Cole, University of Michigan Professor Elliott Colla, Brown University Professor Ruth Berins Collier, UC Berkeley Professor Ellizabeth Colson, UC Berkeley Professor John Comaroff, University of Chicago Professor M. Elaine Combs-Schilling, Columbia University Professor John Connelly, UC Berkeley Professor Miriam Cooke, Duke Professor Gene Cooper, University of Southern California Professor Patricia Cooper, University of Kentucky Professor Robert J. Corber, Trinity College Professor Sister Miriam Corcoran, SCN, Spalding University Professor Gilles Corcos, UC Berkeley Professor Suzanne Corkin, Ph.D., MIT Professor Barbara Correll, Cornell University Professor MarĄa Dolores Costa, California State University, Los Angeles Professor Christoph Cox, Hampshire College Professor Altha J. Cravey, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Professor Robert Creeley, SUNY, Buffalo Professor Jonathan Crewe, Dartmouth College Professor Walter H. Crockett, University of Kansas Professor William K. Crowley, Sonoma State University Professor Jennifer Culbert, Johns Hopkins University Professor Bob Cunningham, University of Tennessee, Knoxville Professor Kenneth M. Cuno, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Professor Carlos Daganzo, UC Berkeley Professor Deborah Dakin, Augustana College Professor Ahmad Dallal, Stanford Professor Aniruddha Das, Columbia University Professor Lawrence Davidson, West Chester University Professor Angela Y. Davis, UC Santa Cruz Professor Mike Davis, University of California, Irvine Professor Nicholas De Genova, Columbia Professor Ben O. de Lumen, UC Berkeley Professor Erika Derkas, Loyola Marymount University Professor Michael C. Desch, University of Kentucky Professor J. Paul Devlin, Oklahoma State University Professor Adma d'Heurle, Mercy College Mary L. Diaz, California State University, Los Angeles, Counselor, Student Health Center Professor Michael Dietler, University of Chicago Professor Peter Dodd, American University of Beirut Professor William Doering, Harvard University Professor Frances E. Dolan, Miami University Professor Corey Dolgon, Worcester State College Professor Fred M. Donner, University of Chicago Professor Ana Dopico, New York University Professor Simon Doubleday, Hofstra University Eleanor A. Doumato, Brown University, Visiting Scholar Professor Al Dueck, Fuller Theological Seminary Carolyn Duffey, Stanford Lecturer Professor John Duffy, Harvard University Professor Ian Duncan, UC Berkeley Professor Stephen Duncombe, New York University Professor Dr. Cliff DuRand, Morgan State University Christine Dykgraaf, University of Arizona, Librarian Professor Beva Eastman, William Mitchell College of Law Professor Carolyn J. Eichner, University of South Florida Professor Dr. Rabbi Susan L. Einbinder, Hebrew Union College Professor Carolyn Eisenberg, Hofstra University Professor Nadia Abu El-Haj, Barnard College, Columbia Professor Mansour O. El-Kikhia, University of Texas, San Antonio Professor Kate Ellis, Rutgers Professor Joe E. Elmore, Earlham College Professor Kim Elmore, University of Arizona Professor Barbara Alpern Engel, University of Colorado, Boulder Professor Susan Ervin-Tripp, UC Berkeley Professor Arturo Escobar, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Professor Joseph W. Esherick, UC San Diego Professor Adriana Estill, University of New Mexico Professor Fred Evans, Duquesne University Professor John H. Evans, UC San Diego Professor Khaled Fahmy, New York University Professor Suzanne Falck-Yi, Waldorf College Professor Richard Falk, Princeton University Professor Samuel Farber, CUNY, Brooklyn Professor Mamdouh Farid, Hofstra University Professor Janice Farnham, Weston Jesuit School of Theology Professor Samih Farsoun, American University Professor Munis D. Faruqui, University of Dayton Mary C. Smith Fawzi, Harvard Medical School, Instructor Professor Mary Ann Fay, American University of Sharjah Professor Walter Feinberg, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Professor Jerome Feldman, UC Berkeley Professor Ann Ferguson, University of Massachusetts, Amherst Professor Kathy E. Ferguson, University of Hawai`I Professor Kennan Ferguson, University of South Florida Professor Johanna Fernandez, Trinity College Lucy Ferriss, Trinity College, Writer-in-residence Professor Norma Field, University of Chicago Professor A. Beldon Fields, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Professor Carter V. Findley, Ohio State University Professor Norman G. Finkelstein, DePaul University, Chicago, IL Professor Marcelo Fiorini, Hofstra University Professor Berenice Fisher, New York University Professor Ellen Fleischmann, University of Dayton Professor Karen Flynn, Ph.D., University of Akron, OH Professor Jerise Fogel, Marshall University Professor Claudio Fogu, University of Southern California Professor Barbara Foley, Rutgers University, Newark Campus Professor Manzar Foroohar, California Polytechnic State University Robert Francin, Rutgers University Law Librarian Professor Geyla Frank, University of Southern California Professor Judith Frank, Amherst College Miriam Frank, New York University Master Teacher of Humanities Professor Cynthia Franklin, University of Hawai`I Professor Joe Franko, Mount San Antonio College Professor Elliot M. Fratkin, Ph.D., Smith College Professor Isabelle Freda, New York University Professor Samuel Freeman, Ph.D., University of Texas-Pan American Lecturer Peggy Friedman, Rutgers University Professor Takashi Fujitani, UC San Diego Professor William Fuller, Valdosta State University Professor Christopher Fung, Hawai`i Pacific University Professor Nanette Funk, CUNY, Brooklyn Professor Nancy Gallagher, UC Santa Barbara Professor Philip Gasper, Notre Dame de Namure University, CA Professor Dr. Laura Gellott, University of Wisconsin, Parkside Professor Irene Gendzier, Boston University Professor Deborah J. Gerner, University of Kansas Professor John Gerring, Boston University Professor Marvin E. Gettleman, Brooklyn Polytechnic University Professor Dr. Deborah Gewertz, Amherst College Professor Jess Ghannam, UC San Francisco Professor Alessandro Ghidini, M.D., Georgetown University Hospital Professor John Gianvito, Boston University Professor Jane W. Gibson, University of Kansas Professor Paul Gilroy, Yale University Professor Dr. Terri Ginsberg, CUNY Professor Shai Ginsburg, Arizona State University Professor Lori Ginzberg, Penn State University Professor Saverio Giovacchini, University of Maryland Professor Abbott Gleason, Brown University Professor Arthur Glenberg, University of Wisconsin - Madison Professor Sherna Berger Gluck, California State University, Long Beach Professor David Theo Goldberg, UC Irvine Professor W. L. Goldfrank, UC Santa Cruz Professor Bluma Goldstein, UC Berkeley Professor Lisa Sanchez Gonzalez, University of Texas, Austin Professor Jeff Goodwin, New York University Professor Avery F. Gordon, UC Santa Barbara Professor Deborah A. Gordon, Wichita State University Professor Linda Gordon, New York University Professor Margaret S. Gordon, University of Kansas Professor Matthew S. Gordon, Miami University Professor Robert J. Gordon, University of Vermont Professor Paula Gottlieb, University of Wisconsin - Madison Professor Yerah Gover, Ph.D., Queen's College, CUNY Professor John Grady, Wheaton College Professor Jonathan Graubart, San Diego State University Professor Karen B. Graubart, Cornell University Professor David Green, Ph.D., University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Professor Jody Greene, UC Santa Cruz Professor Virginie Greene, Harvard University Professor Inderpal Grewal, UC Irvine Professor Charles Gross, Princeton University Professor Erich S. Gruen, UC Berkeley Professor Beatrice Gruendler, Yale University Professor A. Tom Grunfeld, SUNY, Empire State College Professor Ed Guerrero, New York University Professor Hugh Gusterson, MIT Professor Dimitri Gutas, Yale University Professor Andrew Paul Gutierrez, UC Berkeley Professor Matthew C. Gutmann, Brown University Professor William W. Hagen, UC Davis Professor Dr. Elaine C. Hagopian, Simmons College, Boston, MA Professor Peter Haidu, UC Los Angeles Research Associate & Lecturer Chad Haines, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Professor Lisa (Dr.) Hajjar, UC Santa Barbara Professor Sondra Hale, UC Los Angeles Professor Saul Halfon, Virginia Tech Professor B. Welling Hall, Earlham College Professor Cheryl Hall, University of South Florida Professor Homer J. Hall, Rutgers Professor Morris Halle, MIT Professor Nora Hamilton, University of Southern California Professor Hannibal Hamlin, Ohio State University Professor Deborah Hammond, Sonoma State University Professor Deborah Hammond, Sonoma State University Professor Kenneth W. Harrow, Michigan State University Professor Gillian Hart, UC Berkeley Professor Laurie Hart, Haverford College Professor Betsy Hartmann, Hampshire College Professor Frances S. Hasso, Oberlin College Professor Carl R. Hausman, Penn State University Professor Clement Hawes, Penn State University Professor Douglas Haynes, Dartmouth College Professor Hamid Hefazi, California State University, Long Beach Professor Eglal Henein, Tufts University Professor Jane Henrici, University of Memphis Professor Clement M. Henry, University of Texas, Austin Professor Gail Hershatter, UC Santa Cruz Lecturer Jim Hess, UC Irvine Professor Carla Hesse, UC Berkeley Professor Bill Ong Hing, UC Davis Professor Charles Hirschkind, University of Wisconsin, Madison Professor Thomas A. Hirschl, Cornell University Professor Jerome R. Hoffman, UC Los Angeles Professor Paul F. Hoffman, Harvard University Lecturer Ann Holder, Harvard University Professor Philip Holmes, Princeton University Professor James Holstun, SUNY, Buffalo Professor Gail Holst-Warhaft, Cornell University Professor Young-sun Hong, SUNY, Stony Brook Professor Kirk A. Hoppe, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Lecturer Doug Hostetter, Northwestern Professor Dr. Zakir Husain, Professor Mahmood Ibrahim, Cal Poly Pomona Professor John Inglis, University of Dayton Professor Helen Ingram, UC Irvine Professor Georgette Ioup, University of New Orleans Professor Mary Jo Iozzio, Ph.D., Barry University Professor Allen Isaacman, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Professor Christopher M. Isett, University of Minnesota Professor David Isles, Tufts University Maria Issah, Pace University, Diversity Coordinator Professor Nancy W. Jabbra, Loyola Marymount University Professor Jean E. Jackson, MIT Professor Matthew Frye Jacobson, Yale University Professor S. Rao Jammalamadaka, UC Santa Barbara Professor Lucy Jarosz, University of Washington Professor Robert Jensen, University of Texas, Austin Professor Sut Jhally, University of Massachusetts, Amherst Professor David E. Johnson, SUNY at Buffalo Professor Melissa Johnson, Southwestern University Professor Charles H. Jones, Rutgers-Newark School of Law Professor Stephen F. Jones, Mount Holyoke College Professor Suad Joseph, UC Davis Professor Priti Joshi, San Diego State University Professor Jamil E. Jreisat, University of South Florida Professor Ray Jureidini, American University of Beirut Professor Djelal Kadir, Penn State University Professor Al Kagan, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Professor Claire Kahane, University at Bufallo Professor Rachel Kahn-Hut, San Francisco State University Professor Vasant Kaiwar, Duke Professor Isgouhi Kaloshian, UC Riverside Professor Louis Kampf, MIT Professor Rhoda Kanaaneh, American University Professor Nancy Kanwisher, MIT Professor Tomis Kapitan, Northern Illinois University Professor Amy Kaplan, University of Pennsylvania Professor Brett Kaplan, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Professor Caren Kaplan, UC Berkeley Professor Larry Karp, UC Berkeley Professor Resat Kasaba, University of Washington Professor Sharryn Kasmir, Hofstra University Professor Cindi Katz, CUNY, Graduate Center Professor Suvir Kaul, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Professor Melanie Kaye-Kantrowitz, Ph.D., CUNY, Queen's College Director of Worker Eduction Professor Evelyn Fox Keller, MIT Professor Flora A. Keshgegian, Episcopal Theological Seminary of the Southwest Professor Caglar Keydar, SUNY, Binghamton Professor Assaf Kfoury, Boston University Professor As'ad Abu Khalil, CSU, Stanislaus Noor-Aiman Khan, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Visiting Instructor Professor Dina Rizk Khoury, George Washington University Professor Elaine H. Kim, UC Berkeley Professor Thomas P. Kim, Scripps College Professor Diane E. King, American University of Beirut Lecturer Dr. Laurie King-Irani, University of Victoria (American citizen) Professor Sharon Kinoshita, UC Santa Cruz Peter Klosterman, UC San Francisco Postdoctoral Research Fellow Professor Suzanne Klotz Professor Isabel F. Knight, Penn State University Professor Dorinne Kondo, University of Southern California Professor Claudia Koonz, Duke Professor James S. Koopman, University of Michigan Professor Kristin Koptiuch, Arizona State University West Karl Korinek, Columbia University Technician, Center for Neurobiology and Biology Lecturer Dennis Kortheuer, California State University, Long Beach Professor J. Victor Koschman, Cornell University Professor John Kramer, Sonoma State University Professor John Kramer, Sonoma State University Professor Neal Kroll, UC Davis Professor Chana Kronfeld, UC Berkeley Professor Julian Kunnie, University of Arizona Professor Julian Kunnie, University of Arizona Professor Laura J. Kuo, Pomona College Professor Jay Ladin, Reed College Professor David Laibman, CUNY Professor Diane Laison, Temple University Professor Gary Laison, St. Joseph's University Professor George Lakoff, UC Berkeley Professor Vinay Lal, UC Los Angeles Professor Daphne Lamothe, Rutgers Professor Roger N. Lancaster, George Mason University Professor Joan B. 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Comment on these article(s)

December 2002


'The Push to War'
(December 29, 2002)

WAR LOOMS - Israel, the US, and Britain Prepare
(December 22, 2002)
The U.S. and Israel are moving in tandem now to take control of the entire Middle East region as never before in modern history. In effect it is a neo-crusade designed to force the entire region into submission and 'remake' it to further serve Western and Israeli desires. A look at the map of the region shows in fact that nearly every country -- with the exceptions of Lebanon, Syria, and Iran -- now has US forces and US bases. Not since the breakup of the Ottoman Empire at the time of World War I, 'Lawrence of Arabia', and the Paris 'Peace to end all Peace' Conference have there been such dramatic and far-reaching geo-political changes forced on the Arab people of the Middle East.

Academics Squeak Up
(December 20, 2002)
Academics are often late to the party; as they surely are in these historically important times and with this particularly half-baked half-hearted statement. And even when they get there too many "political correct" academics end up talking a lot while actually not doing very much -- especially when they get together collectively and especially in the contemporary US of A these days. Such is clearly the case here with this latest statement from an ensemble of American academics coming mildly and meekly together capitalizing on the opportunity to indicate that they are doing so in support of their "courageous" Israeli colleagues. 'Courage' is not a word that should however be applied to their own very inadequate statement.

(December 20, 2002)

Academics Squeak Up...
(December 20, 2002)
American Academics back 'courageous' Israeli academics, while lacking their own courage and hiding behind the 'I Gave At the Office' Excuse.

ARREST WAVE Preceeds Upcoming War and 'REGION CHANGE'
(December 19, 2002)

Israel Faces 'Catastrophe' Ahead
(December 18, 2002)
Potential catastrophe awaits Israel within a few years. This warning from none other than Shimon Peres himself.

'The Push for War' - Truly Must Reading to Understand Contemporary Washington
(December 16, 2002)
To put it simply, this is an immensely insightful and extraordinarly provocative article by an author who will be new to most but who should be quickly elevated to importance. Anatol Lieven's look at contemporary Washington is something only a once outsider now insider relatively free of entangling alliances could come up; and only something that could be published abroad from American shores, as it was last October in the London Review of Books.

Threatening With Nukes and Star Wars-Type Weapons
(December 16, 2002)
So far this month the American President has threatened to use nuclear weapons against Iraq. The Israelis have threatened to use their considerable nuclear arsenal against Islam itself, as well as Iran in addition to Iraq. And the Sunday Express in London has just front-paged a grand story that Osama and Al-Qaeda have 20 'Backpack Nukes' from the old Soviet Empire days. Whether this 'Suitcase Nukes' was a leaked story designed to create more fear and build more support for the US/Israeli war, or whether it may be true...there's really no way for most of us to know for sure at the moment. The placing and timing sure is suspicious, coming in fact right after the US and Israeli nuclear threats got some worldwide attention. And the fact that the story was featured only in this sensationalistic headline-grabbing London newspaper, and at the same time that the Iraqi exiles are meeting in London at the US-sponsored conference...all this adds to the confusion and uncertainty and suspicions. After all, both the American CIA and the Israeli Mossad have a long history of such kinds of deceptions...dare we call it a kind of 'journalistic terrorism' in fact? And at least the CIA, at least in years past, was prohibited from 'disinformation' leaks to American media outlets...hence the dateline London story takes on even more doubters.

It's all about 'Regional Change'...not simple 'Regime Change'
(December 14, 2002)
Indeed, the US/Israeli "New World Order" is nothing less than a historic neo-imperialistic power grab the world has not seen for quite some time. As this Canadian columnist writes: "Senior [U.S.] administration officials openly speak of invading Iran, Syria, Libya and Lebanon. Influential neo-conservative think-tanks in Washington have deployed a small army of "experts" on TV, urging the U.S. to remove governments deemed unfriendly to the U.S. and Israel. Washington's most powerful lobbies - for oil and Israel - are urging the U.S. to seize Mideast oil and crush any regional states that might one day challenge Israel's nuclear monopoly or regional dominance. The radical transformation of the Mideast being considered by the Bush administration is potentially the biggest political change since the notorious 1916 Sykes-Picot Treaty in which victorious Britain and France carved up the Ottoman-ruled region."

Israel/Palestine - How to End the War of 1948
(December 14, 2002)

Another Nobel Tragedy and Travesty
(December 10, 2002)
However well-meaning Jimmy Carter may have been then and now; judged by his actions, misrepresentations, and political cowardice, rather than by his apparently heartfelt rhetoric, Carter's involvement in matters Middle Eastern was tragic, at best. Indeed, to award such a 'peace prize' to Carter in the midst of the terrible circumstances faced by the Palestinians, the upcoming American/Israeli war for regional control, and the simmering 'Clash of Civilizations' is a historical travesty, at best.

Hollywood Celebs Tell Bush 'No War'
(December 9, 2002)
Anti-War Movement growing, Hollywood Celebs Send Washington a Peace Letter, new peaceful civil-disobedience movement launched.

Jordanian King Abdullah II Proclaims Himself 'The True Voice of Islam'
(December 7, 2002)
In the pages of the Empire's hometown newspaper The Washington Post King Abdullah II proclaims himself 'The True Voice of Islam' hoping against hope that his Kingdom will remain under American protection after the upcoming great war in which it is really the Israelis who will decide whether Jordan becomes 'The Palestinian State' For much more historical background into the reality of 'The Hashemite Kingdon of Jordan' see -- http://www.MiddleEast.Org/archives/jordan.htm

The Tremendous and Escalating Cost of US and Israeli Policies
(December 6, 2002)
In the worst case, a war with Iraq could cost the United States almost as much as the government spent in the last budget year - nearly $2 trillion, according to new projections in a major report from the Committee on International Security Studies of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

The New MER HOMEPAGE and WORLDPAGE - CHAT today with Mark Bruzonsky
(December 5, 2002)

The 'Big War' Ahead - Israelis Prepare for Killing and Expulsion
(December 4, 2002)
The BIG WAR with devastating historical results is now coming. It may focus on Iraq; but it will have possibly even more lasting repercussions in the once 'Holy Land' of the Jewish, Christian and Muslim Bibles. When it finally happens no one will be able to say this time that they didn't know, they weren't aware, how could it happen... And there will be so much blame to be distributed starting of course with the Israelis but extending quickly and fairly to the United States, American Jews, the United Nations, et. al.

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