Christian Fundamentalist Zionists - Threat to World Peace
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Christian Fundamentalist Zionists - Threat to World Peace

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October 2002


"War of the Worlds" by Mark Bruzonsky
(October 31, 2002)
"War of the Worlds" was written in the days immediately after 9/11 and featured in the Oct 2001 issue of Playboy Magazine in Slovenia.

Former CBS Anchorman, One of Most Respected U.S. Journalists, warns of World War III
(October 28, 2002)

THE Silly Boy Emperor and NEVER Trust A Christian Cowboy
(October 23, 2002)
Not only should this American President and those whom he serves (rather than who serve him) not be easily trusted or blindly followed. In many ways, he, and they, should not even be fully respected. In the most important way of all he, and they, should be feared, and countered. "The Office of the Presidency" and the "People of the United States"... those are other matters. These insightful articles deal much more with the individual who currently holds the Office (and let's not forget just how he got it) and the group of corporate hacks, Christian fundamentalists, militarist fanatics, Israeli-promoted zealots, and public opinion manipulators who currently hold the reigns of power in the United States of America.

HEIL BUSH - An Historial Analogy The Americans Are Too Scared To Consider
(October 14, 2002)
Author's Note: The U.S. features agency which distributes world-wide a weekly column by me has baulked at carrying the piece that follows. After 225 years, American democracy, it seems, is still not resilient enough to take it on the chin. But I am in excellent company. For George Orwell, who finished his blistering attack on Communism under Stalin, Animal Farm, in 1943, could not find a British or American publisher because `Uncle Joe' was then their war-time ally. I am grateful to Frontline for agreeing to put itself, second only to Saddam Hussein, in the American line of fire. Incidentally, ``Boche'' is the French pejorative for German soldier, in use since the First World War. However, the resemblance between Bush and Boche is not merely onomatopoeic!

Next on the List - Iran, Syria, Pakistan
(October 09, 2002)

Christian Fundamentalist Zionists - Threat to World Peace
(October 11, 2002)

(October 5, 2002)

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