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What and Why MER and MERTV

MER's purpose is to distill and present the most incisive and honest, the most insightful and independent, information and analysis about what is really going on in today's Middle East as well as in Washington about the Middle East.

There are many sites on the Internet well-financed by business interests, indirectly by governments, oftentimes by public relations groups masquerading as "Institutes" or "Think-Tanks."  MER is very different and quite unique.  MER is totally independent, refreshingly candid, uniquely insightful, written and edited by real Middle East and foreign policy experts.

"Fearlessly tells the truth", writes Professor Glenn Perry (Political Science Dept, Indiana State Univ). "I am fascinated by the wealth of information and accurate coverage", writes a former CNN World Report correspondent from Beirut. "Rarely do we ever find an organization that can so impressively report what's really going on. I'm in love with MER!" writes a Muslim woman college student in California. "The work you are doing is extremely important... Many people here [in Israel] get MER," writes Professor Tanya Reinhart from Tel Aviv University. "Thank you for your courage, for the excellent reviews and articles and for the effort...  I salute you in solidarity," writes Dr. Eyad Sarraj from the Gaza Strip."

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Readers' Comments from around the World: 

"I have been reading your writings for some time.  They are essential to
any understanding of what is going on in the Middle East."
-Gilbert Gendron - Montréal, Canada

"Your publication is brilliant, and the best that I've seen anywhere.
I appreciate both the even-handedness of information and the bite in your editorials.
Mentioning credit where credit is due and blame where blame is due seems to be
such a rarity in reporting on ME issues."

-Alex Uttermann - Boulder Creek, CA

"MER is very honest, very precise, and very truthful.
I got one word for it as a Palestinian: Impressive!"
-Asser Hassanain - Palestine

"Your news service continues to keep me on top of things when
all else
looks so confusing...  Feels like someone has punched the fast
forward button
and I can hardly make out what anything means
anymore. When I hear news
other than your source, its
easy to see through it because of your analysis."

-Debra Sperry, USA

"I hope you endure. The work you are doing is extremely important, even with
what you consider a limited distribution. I know  many people here [in Israel] do get MER."

                          -Professor Tanya Reinhart - Tel Aviv University

"The most honest, most comprehensive, and most mobilizing news and
on the Middle East always comes from MER.   It is indispensable!"

- Robert Silverman - Salamanca, Spain

Your clear, very fair and open views and news are remarkable. 
At least they also reflect how brave people with the sense of
Global vision.  I would like to receive your issues on regular basis."

                   -anonymous - UAE

"Please keep my subscription, without receiving your Valuable Informative
e-mails, I'll be bewildered in complete darkness."
                          -Kamel Kialni - Sydney, Australia

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